Five Top Tech Trends Transforming eCommerce

In a post-pandemic world, brands do everything they can to amplify their digital presence. That’s because more consumers are shopping online now than ever before. In fact, over 263 million […]

In a post-pandemic world, brands do everything they can to amplify their digital presence. That’s because more consumers are shopping online now than ever before. In fact, over 263 million Americans (about 80% of the U.S. population) use eCommerce.  As eCommerce continues gaining traction, new technology trends will reshape online shopping. These trends will also significantly influence customer expectations and behaviors.  Brands that want to stay top of mind need to prepare for the future. By leveraging the latest eCommerce technology trends, businesses can enhance the customer experience and exceed ever-increasing consumer expectations.  Here are the five top technology trends reshaping the eCommerce landscape and why brands should embrace omnichannel strategies to stay ahead of the curve.  

1. AI assistants

  Back in the day, when somebody brought up the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), the first thoughts that came to mind were scenes from movies like Blade Runner or Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence. But in modern eCommerce, automated conversations with chatbots are the norm. Businesses also use AI and machine learning to collect and analyze behavioral and historical data to understand their customers better. The rapid rise in AI’s popularity has led to innovative AI-enabled chatbot services. These bots can help solve common customer inquiries, offer personalized product recommendations, and support a shopper in placing their order, all while maintaining conversational interactions. Modern chatbots can handle full conversations with customers about 69% of the time. While chatbots can’t solve every query, their capabilities can vastly alleviate the workload of your human customer support associates. Brands that use AI can enhance the customer experience and provide ongoing support. This can boost conversion and retention rates, leading to higher profits.  If your business is an AI newcomer, Mitto Conversations can help get you started using chatbots. Our experts will help you find the best bots for your needs and set them up in no time.   

2. Mobile wallets for eCommerce

  Today’s customers prioritize convenience and speed. Mobile wallets are replacing traditional forms of payment, including debit and credit cards. Most of today’s mobile devices feature built-in native wallet applications, including Google Pay and Apple Pay. Mobile payments enable businesses to capitalize on the growing popularity of mCommerce, ensuring that they remain relevant. Mobile wallets can grow a brand’s value by promoting more customer spending and incentivizing shoppers to continue their journey down the sales funnel. By giving customers the ability to purchase with their mobile wallets directly in social app conversations, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, businesses can encourage them to buy more products. This convenient payment option also drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.   

3. Augmented reality

  Chances are, you’ve heard about the metaverse. Virtual and augmented realities are transforming eCommerce. These technologies allow customers to experience services or preview products right in their own environment, like their home. Augmented reality empowers and educates shoppers. Six in 10 consumers want to visualize how a product can fit into their lives before purchasing. Businesses can prompt more customers to buy their offerings with virtual try-on solutions, interactive user manuals, preview placements, and more. Not only does this increase customer engagement, but it enables brands to tap into new markets and reduce returns. By allowing customers to try out items virtually before they buy them, brands can help shoppers make informed purchases.  

4. eCommerce voice search

  A third eCommerce tech trend that is on the rise is voice-enabled searches. Considered to be a hands-free searching solution, voice search technology allows customers to start a search query by speaking rather than typing. Voice search is fast, efficient, and allows you to do other tasks while you search, such as cooking or driving. Over 20% of mobile device queries are now made using voice search. Brands that implement voice search can make it easier for customers to find what they want. This streamlines the user experience by eliminating tedious multi-step processes. Voice search also increases conversion rates by 50% and drives sales by 25%.   

5. A focus on eCommerce security

  With more consumers making purchases online, cybercriminals have more opportunities to steal their sensitive information. These sophisticated attacks include DDoS attacks and phishing. Businesses that regularly interact with customers via social platforms must guarantee these channels are secure. Messages with end-to-end encryption ensure that the receiver and sender only see the contents. Garnering consumer trust is crucial for increasing customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction.  

Prepare your brand for the future of eCommerce

  Businesses embracing current and future eCommerce tech trends can improve the customer experience, increase retention rates, and make more sales. By taking an omnichannel approach to customer engagement with chatbots, encrypted messages, and in-message payments, brands will stay one step ahead of competitors. Contact us today to learn how Mitto Conversations can help your business better use eCommerce technology.