Nowadays, it is easier than ever to fly cheap with an airline, therefore it is no longer just a dream to reach faraway destinations. There is a growing demand for the travel industry to enhance their communication channels at each point. Air traffic is constantly increasing, and there is a need in this area to deliver the best customer experience. In order to achieve that, the aviation industry is adopting SMS service. SMS is considered a great tool for most airline companies, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and instant access by passengers.

Strong competition with the numerous players in this industry demands effective ways for ensuring customer satisfaction and SMS channel turns out to be one of the best ways to keep up with the rising customer expectations wherever in the world they are. Many clients appreciate when there is a two-way communication with a brand, so maintaining an engaging relationship with them can ensure their loyalty.

If we look at the statistics, it shows that flight delays in Europe have more than doubled last year. On top of this, it seems that while small delays are a regular occurrence, big delays are newsworthy. According to this data, it is completely clear that the airline industry should undertake certain actions to make sure every passenger gets a timely notification and reduce the number of complaints that can possibly damage their brand image.


Airline companies can utilize SMS for various purposes. In the following text, different purposes are listed, for which SMS can be used in this industry, both for passengers and the airplane crew.

  • Updating passengers with the information regarding their flights (last-minute changes, flight arrival/departure, gate changes);
  • Check-in reminders;
  • SMS notifications for pilots and aircrew;
  • Marketing messages to existing and prospective customers;
  • Internal communication (head and regional offices, pilots and overall company);
  • Communicating inquiries from passengers regarding their flights, gates, baggage etc.;
  • Getting customer feedback (SMS surveys);
  • Sending out timely deals;
  • Provide responsive customer service.

Such alerts and notifications keep the customers updated, and they are essential for the customer experience and can dramatically reduce calls to the call centre. Airlines want to be able to connect with the customers on a variety of channels and to make the process easier for them when they need support.


Why should airlines consider SMS as one of their priority?

SMS is without a doubt the easiest way to keep passengers informed and to be 100% sure that the message will arrive whether they have Internet access or not. Airlines are embracing benefits of the SMS channel, which will increase in the following years with the greater and more diverse use. Below are the summarized main benefits as a result of using SMS in this industry:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention;
  • Driving conversion;
  • Cost-Effectiveness;
  • Improve brand awareness;
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness.

In the airline industry, customer loyalty is not easy to come by as most of the people base their travel plans on affordability. Thanks to this frequent practice, travellers don’t always choose the same airline.

One of the key findings of the latest Global Passenger Survey (GPS), conducted in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) showed that travellers tend to book based on price first. This factor is followed by a flight schedule and frequency of the flyer program. This survey disclosed the importance of the brand image for the engagement with the passengers and eventually for driving sales.

Dealing with this traveller’s habit requires constant actions from the airline side in the area of marketing activities (promo and customized offers, benefits etc.). The right way to attract new passengers is to offer them what they are looking for. That way, airlines can engage even the ones who didn’t plan to travel, but due to special offers from the airlines, they can make new travel plans.

Sending these kinds of promotions via email is at risk to slide into the spam or promotional folder, so choosing SMS as a channel ensures delivery and visibility.

All the mentioned benefits above will eventually lead to Increased revenue and ROI for the airline companies.

When it comes to partnering with the airline industry in the area of SMS communication channel, Mitto is proud of its established long-term partnerships, that rest on the reliability and quality of the service. Achieving greater customer experience has never been easier with just one SMS that arrives at the right moment and saves your passengers from unnecessary stress.