With a 10-year-old son at home and a whole crew of enthusiasts at Mitto, it’s been clear to me for some time how popular online gaming is. But this global community of over 2.5 billion people has undoubtedly grown rapidly in recent weeks. 2020 is on track to be a record-breaking year for the industry.

The Entertainment Software Association took a comprehensive look at the market and unearthed these key facts about the video game market in the US alone.

Like a good game of Battleship, these facts absolutely blow away any misconception that the typical online video gamer is male and in their teens. The market is way more sophisticated than that. A couple of decades ago we could never have imagined it would be where it is today.

Gaming is at the heart of the entertainment business and the way consumers engage with and through games is constantly changing. This is resulting in increasing levels of overall engagement as well as the creation of entirely new segments for gaming enthusiasts.

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