Two billion people drink tea every morning. Three billion tonnes of tea are produced worldwide every year for consumption. People clearly love their tea. Few countries, however, serve it with the myriad of trimmings they do in this one. Do you want thyme, lemon, mint or rosewater in yours? You got it! Jam? Absolutely!  Any idea yet which country we are talking about? No?

When it comes to pancakes you can leave your Nutella (and jam) at home though. They are typically served with meat, vegetables or just a sprinkling of herbs here. Strictly savory with nothing for the person with a sweet tooth in sight, mind. Still no idea?

Their people like proverbs. Popular examples include ‘politeness is not sold in the bazaar’ and ‘cheap meat never makes a good soup’. Give up? OK, OK. We’re talking about the birthplace of crude oil, Azerbaijan.

In its 28 years since independence, Azerbaijan has hosted 24 Annual International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies exhibitions in its capital city of Baku. The event is therefore rather aptly called Bakutel. The 25th iteration of Bakutel starts on December 3rd and it gives us great pleasure to announce that we will be doing far more than pitching up and attending; we are proud sponsors of the event!

Our Mitto team enjoys all the opportunities every event provides us with to meet friends both old and new but this trip is sure to be a little different: we’ve heard Baku is just that little bit bonkers! Azerbaijan’s capital is often likened to Dubai for its far-out architecture and love of gold. Arm wrestling is huge but I think we’ll be staying away from that this time around. There’s always next year…

December 3rd is going to be a busy day for us out east in Azerbaijan but the Mobile Engagement calendar is packed that week and more is on the agenda for us. In addition to being at Bakutel, Capacity Media’s Messaging and SMS World event starting in London that same day is in our near future. Mitto will be joining in the celebrations of what will be the 27th birthday of SMS. We know there is more to Mobile Engagement than SMS but SMS keeps on trucking. It has a solid future and we will most certainly be raising a glass or two to it that evening. Without SMS, many organizations like ours simply wouldn’t be around today.

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is racing to its closure, but there is no escaping father time. The year is not done yet for us though, rest assured. There are plenty more people out there for us to connect with!