Ghoulishly Good Halloween SMS Campaigns

There’s the delicious aroma of pumpkin spice in the crisp autumn air. Folks are flocking to apple orchards, and scary movies are streaming on everyone’s TV. That means spooky season […]
There’s the delicious aroma of pumpkin spice in the crisp autumn air. Folks are flocking to apple orchards, and scary movies are streaming on everyone’s TV. That means spooky season is in full swing!But while many brands are preparing for the holiday shopping spree, others are taking advantage of Halloween. Surprisingly, Halloween spending is predicted to reach a record high of $10.6 billion this year.Do you want to capitalize on 2022’s Halloween spending craze? Here are five ghoulishly good Halloween SMS campaigns that are sure to cast a spell on your customers.  

1. Fall-focused flash sales 

 Many people are trading in their flip-flops and bathing suits for cozy sweaters and fall jackets. Brands need to do the same. Instead of trying to clear out the last of your summer inventory by offering deep discounts on summer items, your SMS campaign should be focused on fall.Irrelevant summer flash sales can be a massive turnoff for customers. Who wants to buy sandals in October?Customers’ needs and expectations change with each passing season. So should your brand’s marketing campaign. Instead of pushing your leftover summer inventory, concentrate on offering shoppers valuable discounts that apply to autumn. Think pumpkin-scented products, fall-specific services, or a round-up of black and orange items.Some spooky SMS sales messaging to try include:
  • Our Halloween flash sale has arrived! Just like Michael Myers, we’re slashing prices on all sweaters and boots. Shop now!
  • Our Halloween flash sale ends today. Don’t miss out on our sweater sales. It will surely haunt you!

2. Loyalty program trick-or-treats

 Halloween is the perfect time to dust the cobwebs off your SMS loyalty program. This is a great way to show your appreciation for returning customers and enhance their experience.Just like trick-or-treaters love getting free candy on All Hallows’ Eve, your loyal customers will adore receiving freebies and other special perks from your brand. Make your returning customers feel valued with exclusive discounts, offers, and incentives. For instance, you could promote holiday shopping specials early. Treat customers who buy products in October to special discounts in December.  

3. Halloween-themed messages

 SMS is an excellent tool for customer engagement. Halloween is the perfect holiday to boost audience engagement with themed polls, questions, and tips. Send an SMS to opted-in customers asking what their favorite horror movie or monster is. There are tons of other Halloween-themed SMS polls you can use, including whether customers trick-or-treat, their favorite candy, and if they have plans to visit a haunted house.To create your SMS poll, pick some keywords that match answers to specific questions. For instance, your SMS could read, “Who is your favorite movie monster? Text Frankenstein, Dracula, or Other to vote.”Another great idea for customer engagement is to send out Halloween safety tips via SMS. Remind customers to put reflective tape on their kids’ costumes, carefully inspect their candy, and plan trick-or-treating routes in advance. 

4. Christmas in October

 Because of inventory issues and shipment delays, many consumers are starting their holiday shopping early this year. Brands can take advantage of Halloween to begin promoting their products well before the holiday season.Engage early-bird holiday shoppers with Halloween-themed SMS messages. Some fun ideas to try are:
  • Do you know what’s scarier than Halloween? The holidays are only XX days away. Shop our early-bird holiday sale now, if you dare!
  • It’s never too early to start crossing people off your holiday gift list. Shop our day-after Halloween sale for deep discounts.

5. Keep things personal

 Regardless of what SMS Halloween campaign you choose, it’s essential to make your messages personal. Personalized content can deepen trust, improve the customer experience, and increase conversions.Some tips for SMS personalization are:
  • Always address the customer by their preferred first name
  • Include emojis to make the message fun and fresh
  • Segment your SMS by filters, including demographics and buying behavior
  • Give your messages a human touch
By personalizing your messages, your customers are more likely to make a purchase.  

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