Google Business Messages – Just a Hop, Search, and a Click Away!

Did you know that 68% of online experiences begin with a search? For example, let’s look at an item that most folks in the world need: a bed frame. Some […]

Did you know that 68% of online experiences begin with a search? For example, let’s look at an item that most folks in the world need: a bed frame. Some consumers looking for a bed frame will go directly to a furniture store or its website and type in the exact model they are seeking.

However, the majority of the population goes to and types in bed frames.

Let’s pause and ask why we use Google in that example instead of the phrase search engine? That’s because of Google’s 86% market share. That’s right, of the 68% of online experiences beginning with a search, nearly nine in ten starts on Google. It stands to reason that your business needs to get in on that action. 

The good news is that you can.

Leveraging Google Business Messages

Google Business Messages (GBM) is a communication channel built within Google Search and Google Maps. If your business is integrated with GBM and comes up on Google Search, the following will appear.

Above, we can see the company’s address, hours, and a link to the website. Additionally, users on mobile can call the business or get directions in a single touch. What Google Business

Messages enables is the ability to live chat directly within the Google product. Clicking on that chat button would launch a live dialogue with a virtual assistant.

As you can see, the experience is very similar to what you would encounter with a live chat on a company’s website; however, GBM removes that extra step from the equation. To start a live chat, a user does not need to navigate to a company website and find the chat dialogue; the entire experience takes place within the Google ecosystem. 

You can even use the same AI that exists for the live chat on your company homepage. To enhance the experience further, you can facilitate and respond to inbound inquiries and support requests through a unified inbox accessible to multiple (live!) agents when you connect to this product through a tool such as Mitto Conversations

Not only does GBM allow you to provide 24/7 support to high-intent buyers, but you also cut support costs, lower customer response time, and facilitate the process on a trusted platform synonymous with the Google name.

Google Business Messages helps drive sales

We already mentioned the why, but let’s dive deeper into how GBM can convert an interested prospect into a happy customer.

A rich experience: GBM comes with rich features that users may recognize from live chat and other over-the-top (OTT) messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Businesses can leverage carousels and suggested replies within the platform that drives loyalty, purchasing, scheduling, and upsell opportunities.

Engaging and efficient: GBM is engineered to save you time and money while working on an asynchronous schedule to provide conversational messaging. GBM can improve customer response time, increase support availability to 24/7, and save money. From digital agents and call routing to personalized messages and CSAT surveys that boost customer satisfaction.

Seamless and simple: Google claims that up to 75% of customers now prefer to engage over messaging channels than traditional channels such as voice and email. GBM removes friction associated with seeking alternative engagement channels; it can show expected wait times, answers to frequently asked questions, and the option to connect with live help.

Let’s revisit the bed frame scenario from before and put the above to the test. 

Step 1: A user goes to and searches for a bed frame

Step 2: Your store (because of its great SEO!) appears on the first page

Step 3: Because you have Google Business Messages, the prospect initiates a chat directly within Google Search (or Google Maps)

Step 4: The prospect asks for a bed frame within their budget of $500-$700

Step 5: The virtual assistant presents a carousel of options that are in stock

Step 6: The prospect finds the one they like, and the virtual assistant provides a link to purchase

That was relatively seamless, right? And did we mention this could happen at 3 a.m. and require zero human involvement? In our ever-connected world, frictionless services such as GBM are the future. Connecting with your customers at the beginning of their journey is crucial to maximizing conversions. It also builds a brand experience that will set you apart from your competitors. 

And that ever-connected world we mentioned? It’s also extremely fast-paced with a limited attention span. Your business must stand out at step one. 

Mitto is proud to offer the ability to help your business facilitate your Google Business Messages strategy.

Contact us, and we’ll have you embracing the power of Google Business Messages in no time at all.