In a post-pandemic world, face-to-face interactions have become few and far between. As such, many businesses started using digital messaging services to provide customers with exceptional support and assistance. The healthcare industry is no exception. Personalized SMS for healthcare campaigns promote consumers’ health and well-being. SMS is also an effective way to increase brand credibility and customer retention.  Want to help your audience live their best lives? Here’s how your business can use SMS to keep customers healthy and happy.  

Seasonal wellness SMS for healthcare tips

  Customers’ health needs change from season to season. Studies have found that the activity of certain genes fluctuates throughout the year. For instance, genes that suppress inflammation are more active during the summer. This helps our bodies fight off infections more efficiently. The winter months can also affect your mood. People shouldn’t brush cases of the “winter blues” off as seasonal funks. The decreased daylight hours cause severe mental health conditions, including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Help your customers stay healthy year-round by sending them seasonal wellness tips via SMS. During the summer, send them a helpful reminder to use sunscreen. In the winter, nudge customers to get their flu shot. Or, suggest they invest in a sun lamp to promote vitamin D production, the body’s natural feel-good compound.  

Segment SMS subscribers

  Health needs vary from person to person. A member of the Boomer Generation will have vastly different health requirements than a Gen Z-er. Businesses shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to their SMS campaigns. Segmenting your SMS subscribers ensures you always send relevant wellness content to the right audiences. Bucket your audience according to age or gender to send subscribers healthcare information that caters to their unique needs. For example, older adults are at higher risk for chronic illnesses like arthritis or diabetes. Send these patients SMS texts that contain healthy recipes or age-appropriate exercises. For younger consumers, focus on preventive health tips that help them live long, happy lives. Don’t forget to tweak the tone of your messages accordingly. Older patients want data and facts, while millennials and Gen-Z enjoy emojis and slang.  An example of an SMS message you can send to baby boomers is: Hello [FIRST NAME], what’s on the menu for tonight’s dinner? A diet rich in veggies and lean proteins can lower your risk of developing diabetes. Click the link to get a tasty recipe for grilled salmon.  Use the below template for younger audiences:  Hi there [FIRST NAME], when was the last time you visited the dentist? To maintain that glowing grin, get your teeth cleaned twice per year!  

Wellness product recommendations

  Healthcare institutes aren’t the only organizations that benefit from SMS texts. Wellness-focused e-Commerce brands can also leverage the power of SMS to drive engagement and revenue.  Use SMS to send thoughtful buying recommendations to segmented subscribers. Send female subscribers skincare product recommendations or hair-loss treatments to men.  SMS is an intelligent strategy to upsell products that work better together. Using data in your CRM, look at customers’ purchasing history. Based on that information, send them relevant product upsells. An upsell SMS text could look like:  Hi [FIRST NAME], we hope you’re loving your collagen shampoo! Did you know that collagen also supports skin, nails, and gut health? That’s right! Give our facial collagen cream a try. Enjoy 10% off your first purchase. Use COLLAGEN10 at checkout: [LINK].   

Use automated SMS for healthcare replies for 24/7 customer support

  Today’s customers don’t want to wait on hold. SMS messages are a convenient way for patients to communicate with healthcare institutions. Nearly two-thirds (73%) of patients want the ability to text their provider. Automated SMS texts are an efficient way for providers to provide patients with 24/7 support. Send patients appointment reminders, test result notifications, or reservation confirmations. Not only do auto-replies keep customers happy, but they also alleviate your staff’s workload. SMS messages reduce the need to call clients, helping to streamline processes.   

Promote consumer well-being with Mitto’s SMS for healthcare solution

  Do you want to boost customer satisfaction with SMS? Mitto Campaigns makes it easy! You can build and manage all of your campaigns from a single dashboard. Choose your audiences, personalize the content, and track results from one place.  Make SMS part of your overall omnichannel strategy with Mitto Conversations. Manage all of your messaging across SMS, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Engage customers with two-way conversations on their platform of choice. Mitto Conversations lets you personalize your messages with images, videos, and links. You can also create custom auto-replies to provide all-encompassing support 24/7. Leverage customer data you already have to effortlessly segment SMS subscribers.  Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing tech stack, including HubSpot, Auth0, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle, and more.  Contact us today to learn which tools are right for you.