For as long as there have been consumers, brands have strived to deliver the best support possible. However, in recent years, customer demands have been on the rise. Companies that meet these growing expectations can increase their profits by 80%, double their revenue in just 36 months, and boost customer satisfaction and retention.  


In an effort to enhance customer support, many brands have turned to social media to provide consumers with stellar shopping experiences. This concept is known as social care. Businesses can quickly resolve problems, answer questions in real-time, and drive engagement by meeting consumers where they already are. Through channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, brands can exceed customer expectations while handling their business with care.


Twitter is one of the best platforms to use for customer support. Brands can use this powerful social media platform to have one-to-one conversations with customers, personalizing their experience.


Here’s how your brand can effectively use Twitter for better customer care and support. 


Twitter customer support: The basics


Twitter is a fast and convenient way to provide your customers with immediate support. Merging Twitter with customer support has plenty of advantages, including:


  • Swift response times


  • It makes both customers and your brand more accessible


  • Ensures your business stays relevant


The core of a great customer experience is continuous support. Fortunately, Twitter allows brands to get it right. By applying the following principles, your company will keep even the most demanding customers happy.


Go where your customers already are


Social media has become the dominant form of communication for most people. As such, customers want to engage with brands on the same channels where they communicate with everybody else. 64% of Twitter users said they’d prefer to message a dedicated support Twitter handle than call a company. Furthermore, consumers who experienced good customer support interactions via Twitter were likelier to do business with a brand.


Every direct message (DM) and comment your brand receives through Twitter is an opportunity to offer fantastic support. You must capitalize on these interactions. 


Immediately respond to issues


In today’s fast-paced world, customers want immediate resolutions and responses. Nearly 70% of unhappy consumers whose issues are quickly resolved are willing to shop with a brand again.


Promptness is essential when it comes to customer support on Twitter. 40% of customers expect to hear back from companies within an hour of contacting them on social media. If you fail to deliver, it could cost you customers and profits.


It’s essential to have a plan in place to monitor messages. With Mitto Conversations, you can effortlessly manage your messages, communicate with consumers, and set up automated responses all from one single, easy-to-use dashboard. Our platform ensures that you can always address simple requests or concerns 24/7. 


Make your brand customer-centric


It’s critical that you make it evident from the get-go that your brand is obsessed with customer satisfaction. Consumers that associate a brand with top-notch customer service are more likely to do business with that company. Moreover, according to our recent survey, 91% of customers stated good customer service would ease the frustration of shipment delays.


To put your best foot forward on Twitter, let customers know you’re ready and willing to serve them. To do this, create an audience-focused brand voice consistent across all channels. Whether your brand is fun or informative, customers will feel secure seeing consistency across all platforms.


A great way to drive the point home is to spotlight testimonials from happy customers and continuously communicate how your brand is committed to customer care.


Moving the conversation somewhere more private


Knowing when to move a conversation off the public platform and into a private DM is vital. Some issues simply cannot be resolved in 280 characters. Have pre-set policies in place to know when to address customer concerns off-platform.


It’s wise to create a running document of items your brand’s Twitter support can handle and where to route customers if they need additional help, such as a chatbot or a live conversation with a customer service agent.


Feedback is essential


Fantastic customer support takes work. You simply can’t address five customer complaints and call it a day. There are always opportunities for improvement.


To see what is and isn’t working, create a Twitter poll to ask your customers for feedback. For lengthier responses, ask consumers to send you a DM. Deeply consider each answer to see how you can improve your customer support processes.


Offer superior Twitter customer support with Mitto


Do you want to start using Twitter for customer support? Mitto Conversations can help. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to monitor messages, send auto-replies, and chat with customers.


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