Customer retention and loyalty are essential to sustainable brand success. Not only are brand devotees more willing to buy more products, but 46% of consumers are willing to spend more money with brands they trust.   So, how can your brand keep loyal customers around for the long haul? An SMS customer loyalty program is a great place to start. This low-pressure way of personally engaging your customers ensures they’ll keep coming back for more.   Here’s everything you need to know about SMS loyalty programs and how they can benefit your brand.  

What is an SMS loyalty program?

  An SMS customer loyalty program is an effective way to show returning customers you care. Loyalty programs reward customers for brand loyalty through special offers and exclusive discounts.   Beyond that, it makes your customers feel seen. About 71% of consumers believe loyalty programs are a significant component of their experience. Furthermore, over two-thirds of customers stated that being part of a loyalty program will prompt them to continue doing business with a brand.   SMS is an excellent channel for customer loyalty campaigns. That’s because SMS:  


  • Allows you to meet customers where they already are—their smartphones


  • Enables you to expand your reach as SMS doesn’t require a smartphone/data connection



Creating an SMS loyalty program customers will love

  Ready to start building better relationships with an SMS loyalty program? Here are five ideas to get you started.  

1. Create a unique name for your program

  Everyone wants to be part of an exclusive club, right? Make your customers feel like they’re part of something special by creating a memorable name for your loyalty program. It should be simple, straightforward, and brand specific.  

2. Share special offers

  Show customers your gratitude for returning service by sending them exclusive offers and discounts as part of your SMS loyalty program. Over 46% of consumers would be encouraged to purchase if they received a text message about loyalty rewards or points.   

3. Find the perfect time

  Nobody wants to be bombarded with endless texts, even from their favorite brands. Sending texts at the right time at the right frequency can keep your brand top of mind without being annoying.   Aim to send out five messages per month, as long as the content is relevant and valuable. Send your texts between 9AM and 6PM, local time for the recipient. Never send messages too early in the morning or late at night.  

4. Craft the perfect message

  Your messaging matter. Ensure your SMS texts are short, sweet, and always personalized. A text should include:  

  • An introduction that addresses the customer by name
  • The body of the message, which describes the offer
  • A call-to-action that clearly explains what the recipient should do next
  • Short links to the exact digital destination a customer can redeem points or make a purchase
  • Instructions for opting out



5. Valuable incentives

  Encourage more customers to join your loyalty program by offering valuable incentives, such as VIP perks, deep discounts, or a free gift.  

Achieve SMS success with Mitto

  With Mitto Campaigns, you can effortlessly create and launch an SMS loyalty program campaign that your customers will adore. Choose your recipients, write your message, launch your campaign, and track results to uncover opportunities for improvement.   To learn more, contact us today.