Inside the Tech: Campaign Management Tool Q+A

At Mitto, we’re dedicated to facilitating interactions between businesses and consumers. Our mission is to enable this connectivity by making integration of messaging channels easy for organizations of all sizes, […]

At Mitto, we’re dedicated to facilitating interactions between businesses and consumers. Our mission is to enable this connectivity by making integration of messaging channels easy for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. In addition to HTTP API integration and SMPP protocol, we also offer customers access to a Campaign Management Tool. With it, building and sending SMS campaigns is as easy as uploading a list of phone numbers, adding content, and pressing “Send.” To get more details about how the tool works and who it’s for, our Director of Product, Sandro Stupar, is here to take a deeper dive and answer a few questions.

How do you describe the Campaign Management Tool to new customers?  

SS: Our Campaign Management Tool is a user interface tool developed to enable businesses to automatically send bulk SMS campaigns with personalized content to lists of contacts — whenever and however often they want. With the SMS channel available today, the tool will soon feature omni-channel capabilities as well — Voice, Chat Apps, Email, etc. We will also be including a “Flow Builder” feature that will enable our customers define flows, channels, and failover options.

Why was this product developed? What main problems is it solving for current or future customers?

SS: We wanted to expand accessibility to our services by offering customers an additional way of sending SMS campaigns, in case SMPP protocol or HTTP API connection is not enough. Now there are multiple ways customers—regardless of their internal capabilities–can send SMS and there is a tool for each need individually. Our Campaign Management Tool can be used when customers don’t have a user interface tool to create and send SMS campaigns.

What customer type would be the ideal user of this tool?

SS: Essentially, anyone could be a user. What we most commonly see are marketers (at agencies and in-house) in need of a tool to send bulk SMS campaigns and small-to-medium sized businesses that want to send notifications to their customers via SMS, but require external tools to manage the complexities.

You mentioned bulk SMS campaigns, but what specifically are some top use cases for this tool? 

SS: I would say the top three use cases for the Campaign Management Tool would be marketing campaigns (sending special offers and promotions to customer lists), event reminders (community gatherings, voting deadlines, hosting fundraisers, etc.) and other informative communications (school closings, weather alerts, community news and announcements).

Do you see increased use cases for a tool like this as we adapt in the post Covid-19 era of customer communications?

Yes, the pandemic has indeed created some new trends as customers and followers certainly want to be informed now more than ever. Again, because of its ease of use for all organization types, this will continue to be a helpful tool in keeping people informed and engaged in the new normal.

What are the main functionalities of the Campaign Management Tool? 

SS: It was built to be a sleek and simple product, so we structured features to three core functionalities: importing a list of contacts/phone numbers, starting an SMS campaign with personalized content, and accessing analytics for insights into campaign performance and traffic.

Are there any tutorials available for users on how to get started? 

SS: Building a sleek and simple product meant we didn’t want to develop something too complex and confusing for the user. We created a tool that every user would instantly understand how to use. That said, we do have a video tutorial and PDF guide for those who want to learn more on how to get started. Additionally, our Customer Support team is available for help at any time.

How does billing work? Is there a monthly fee to use the tool?

SS: There is no fixed monthly fee for our customers; they will only pay for the traffic they send.

When comparing this tool to others like it, what makes it stand out? 

SS:First, it really is simple to use — anyone could easily navigate the tool. Also, it can be customized if a customer has specific requests and large traffic volumes. Our team is here to respond to and support those requirements.  But most importantly, it has a powerful SMS routing platform behind it. With this tool we are giving customers of all sizes access to the highest quality A2P messaging services – a platform used and trusted by the largest enterprises in the world.

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