There have been many accolades and tributes to the mathematician and cryptographer Alan Turing since his death, none bigger than the Turing award which has been given annually since 1966 by the Association for Computing Machinery. Simply put, it’s the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for computing. Were it not for Turing’s work, we wouldn’t be living in the world full of computers we are.

Turing’s birthday was June 23rd and rather fitting then that we revealed something that day that is set to be a real game-changer in our world of mobile engagement – Verified SMS, vSMS. You’ve heard of KYC (Know Your Customer), well now, in partnership with Google, we’re bringing you something brand new – KYS, Know Your Sender.

Mitto knows perhaps better than anyone just how much Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS works in building client relationships, driving engagement, creating trust as it goes. But it isn’t perfect.

Phishing schemes and SPAM scans do happen so if you’re able to prevent these, you’re on to a real winner. Add to this the fact that A2P SMS has accusations of it being a bit flat and grey levelled at it, lacking the visual kick other engagement channels such as chat apps provide, then something that can materially change both these things is a real boon. Enter stage right Verified SMS.

vSMS has the power to supercharge the confidence in and whole look and feel of communications sent using it. It allows your customers using Android devices to be 100% certain that content sent to them really did originate from your organization, raising brand awareness and loyalty at the same time. It merges the feel of an app with the familiarity of SMS. Other users will continue receiving the standard SMS message, the same way they do today.

Each message you send is verified by the Google message verification service to confirm the origin of it. Your brand logo, name and even a brand description can be presented to your customers at the top of any conversation window, bringing your closer to your customers.  Add to this link preview which catches the eye, provides confidence and increases conversion rates. What’s not to like?!

Getting started with vSMS is easy. All you need to do is to contact us and ask for the service to be activated, providing all your brand information. Available today across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Philippines and India, access to it is expanding rapidly further afield.

Unlike some other services which require expensive platforms, dedicated technical expertise etc., Verified SMS is relevant and suitable for all organizations, irrespective of size and types of use case needing to be fulfilled. If you already send SMS using us, no further technical integration is required. Sign up for vSMS and continue sending SMS as usual.

The only prerequisite for sending vSMS is a dedicated sender ID (whether short code, virtual long number or alphanumeric), to which your brand information is linked. That’s it. Only you can use the sender ID but if you don’t already have one, no problem, as we can help you source one.

Mitto already increases user trust and protects your revenue with our comprehensive two-factor authentication and HLR lookup services. We help you ensure that the person signing up with you or carrying out a transaction really is who they say there are and where they say they are – knowing your customers, KYC. This is half the battle.

We’re now excited to be able to add Verified SMS to our already comprehensive omnichannel product suite, offering your customers peace of mind and being able to immerse themselves more in your brand experience. They now really know their sender. And we know what works for you.