Historically, the only measure of success in the content delivery industry used to be the percentage of messages successfully delivered to their intended recipients – the SDR, successful delivery ratio. Anything not tracked as having been successfully delivered then falls into one of two other camps: failure (FDR – failed delivery ratio) and the great unknown (UDR – unknown delivery ratio). This framework was constructed by the delivery industry.

Ingenuity and creativity are the lifeblood of the content delivery industry but not all is created equal: some is used turned against the greater good. There can be temptation to make some fast money by faking delivery receipts, artificially inflating the SDR. In reality it’s possible for no delivery attempt to be made at all; i.e. the money from the client is just pocketed unscrupulously.

Success is not easy to define and should not and cannot be viewed one-dimensionally: the definition changes by industry, organization and individual. One size does not fit all. Mobile engagement is no exception and, in our minds, the real definitions as to what constitutes true success came from the enterprises: conversion rates and click-through rates – CR and CTR.

Both CR and CTR are shown as percentages. CR shows how many website or app users complete a specific action, for example successfully entering a one-time-passcode during an account registration. CTR measures how many users clicked a link to visit a specific website or landing page.

Enterprises are effecting change across our industry by demanding high conversion and click-through rates from content sent by their chosen A2P messaging aggregators. Their patience tends not to run so deep. Companies like Mitto have to route traffic rapidly through high quality connections get things right first time, or risk losing business. No longer can enterprises have the wool pulled over their eyes as they can see these rates as clear as crystal on their own systems.

Conversion rates are often viewed by marketers and user experience leads as THE most important metric to track on an ongoing basis because conversion has a direct correlation on their sale, revenue, and growth figures. Our enterprise clients are telling us the same.

Time is the most valuable commodity of today’s increasingly digitally savvy consumers and their attention span and memories are short. Enterprises are having to really get their heads around this fast to survive. Their only real indicator of success has to be how fast things are flying off their shelves. Changing interest into real, quantifiable purchases/actions has to be the name of the game and the key metric today. With years of experience, the most advanced routing platform, and a broad portfolio of solutions, Mitto can very much help you with this.