Mitto Adds Business Messaging Enablement for Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Twitter

Accessible through platform integration and dashboard solutions, brands can expand reach, offer contactless commerce and personalize engagement through the world’s most popular social media channels ZURICH, July 8, 2021 — […]

Accessible through platform integration and dashboard solutions, brands can expand reach, offer contactless commerce and personalize engagement through the world’s most popular social media channels

ZURICH, July 8, 2021Mitto, a leading provider of global omnichannel communications solutions, today announced messaging connectivity for three of the world’s most popular social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Mitto’s robust portfolio — which includes an industry-leading SMS routing system — now supports every top customer engagement channel, enabling marketers to extend and personalize campaign reach where customers already are, directly connect with a younger market, maximize ad spend and drive more meaningful conversations all within one communications provider.

Mitto’s rollout of Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter business messaging provides extended capabilities for Mitto Conversations, a single unified inbox for all customer engagement channels and a wide range of content, giving brands the channel and content flexibility required to effectively engage today’s consumers. Conversations enables brands to deliver an integrated omnichannel experience across a variety of communications channels with one tool, democratizing customer engagement and enabling customer support and experience teams to immediately reach and interact with customers for more natural, personalized two-way conversations. 

Conversations supports every key customer engagement channel — including Google Business Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, webchat, and SMS — and now directly supports Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter giving brands:

  • Easy Access: Facilitate and respond to inbound Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter inquiries and support requests through a unified inbox accessible to multiple agents through Mitto Conversations.
  • No Need to Code: The Conversations dashboard works without integrating APIs, so you can start messaging fast
  • 24/7 Support: Access to 24/7 technical resources to ensure functionality, security and regulatory compliance
  • Omnichannel UI: Extend reach by adding Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter direct messaging to your existing communications strategy with one tool that provides access to every channel

“Social media networks have evolved from their early days as consumer-to-consumer platforms and are now highly effective channels for brands to engage, advertise and grow their business,” said Andrea Giacomini, CEO of Mitto. “Customers are comfortable, familiar with and already on these channels, allowing brands to seamlessly and naturally facilitate conversations without forcing customers to leave to another channel. With the addition of Messenger, Instagram and Twitter to our portfolios, brands can manage all two-way customer conversations across all of the most popular channels through a single provider, giving them the flexibility to scale without draining resources.”


Mitto: Facebook Messenger for Business 


The world’s most popular social network with over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is used in more countries than any other messaging app and a critical channel to enable global reach and catapult brand awareness. By integrating Facebook Messenger for Business into their customer engagement strategy, brands can:

  1. Engage in 1:1 Conversations on Customers’ Terms: Provide a direct, conversational way for customers to take action and get support where they already spend their time. 
  2. Drive Contactless Commerce: Offer the benefits of the in-store experience with the convenience of shopping online with inquiry replies and product recommendations to drive more sales.
  3. Maximize Ad Spend: Boost the impact of Facebook advertising with a direct channel to further engagement with converted followers.

Mitto: Instagram for Business


Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, 90% of whom already follow a business and ⅔ of whom say the social network enables interaction with brands. Instagram for Business enables brands to expand their digital footprint, create new online-only experiences and reach new customers where they already are on one of the most popular social platforms for discovery.

By integrating Instagram for Business into their customer engagement strategy, brands can:

  1. Directly Connect to Younger Customers: 70% of Instagram users are under the age of 35, with 63% aged 15-25.
  2. Personalize Customer Engagement: Leverage their preferred channel to build relationships with 1:1 interactions  on topics they have already shown interest in.
  3. Facilitate Faster Conversions: Expedite the sales funnel with access to a channel built for quick replies (including automation for story mention) and immediate customer support satisfaction.

Mitto: Twitter for Business 


Hundreds of millions of daily tweets are sent by Twitter’s nearly 200 million monthly active users and, according to Nielsen, brands on Twitter see lifts in awareness, preference, message association and purchase intent. 

For brands, Twitter has become a vital and influential channel to engage customers. Mitto now supports Twitter for Business, enabling brands to facilitate personalized communications on the platform where everyone has a voice. By integrating Twitter for Business into their customer engagement strategy, brands can:

  1. Extend Campaign Reach: Move conversations with customers from the public platform to private messages to provide more personalized support. 
  2. Target Engagement: People spend 26% more time viewing ads on Twitter than on other leading platforms.
  3. Reach an Active + Receptive Audience: Twitter hosts 500 million tweets per day and 79% of users say they learn something new and valuable on Twitter weekly.


About Mitto:


Mitto is a leading provider of global, omnichannel communications solutions, supporting business growth with advanced customer engagement technology and messaging enablement. Offering easy-to-integrate SMS, Voice, and Chat App APIs, next-generation business messaging, and end-to-end phone number management, Mitto’s platform ensures the world’s largest brands and MNOs are ready for what’s next. Follow Mitto on Twitter: @mittoglobal




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