Since the beginning of time (or maybe just the internet) four letters have plagued security professionals and end-users alike: SPAM. And no, we are not talking about the delicious Hawaiian dish, we’re referencing internet spam; the unsolicited messages that equate to digital junk mail. And while for an end-user, spam can be something of an annoyance. For mobile operators, spam can be a serious security risk and also a drain on revenue.

Roshan is Afghanistan’s leading mobile operator, and they had a spam problem. One of the promises of SMS is that it is the only truly ubiquitous mobile engagement channel; SMS works on any phone, on any network, anywhere in the world. That means companies can enhance engagement with their customers, reaching them anytime and anywhere with time-sensitive information.

Unsolicited messages make the channels for communication congested and may come from sources that have not been approved by the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) or its subscribers. Detecting these messages can bring great challenges without the right support. From the point of view of an MNO, protecting its subscribers from receiving unsolicited SMS and ensuring proper charging for any terminated message are the two key factors for a sustainable A2P business.

From Roshan’s perspective, they needed a way to optimize their A2P SMS business, maximize their A2P SMS Revenues, secure their SS7 network, spot potential revenue leakage, and simplify reporting and invoicing. While it may seem like a lot of problems to solve, fortunately, Roshan reached out to Mitto for help.




Mitto deployed an SMS firewall for Roshan’s network. Mitto’s carrier-grade platform has unique proprietary technology that filters spam and fraudulent messages, therefore this type of unwanted traffic was blocked. In deploying the firewall, Roshan ensured that its subscribers would be protected from these unsolicited messages and Roshan was able to detect and monetize revenue leakage associated with mobile messaging.

Mitto’s SMS firewall additionally comes with traffic control, grey route analysis, regulatory support, and proactive business intelligence. By identifying these revenue leakage streams, the firewall was able to pay for itself. What was initially a security investment, actually led to revenue growth for Roshan.

Additionally, the firewall is completely managed by Mitto, freeing up time for Roshan to focus on the areas that made them Afghanistan’s number one MNO in the first place.

The firewall is a simple concept, protect your users, enhance the customer experience. For Roshan, enabling traffic control and optimizing their network, and controlling for revenue leakage was just a bonus.

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