Your Complete Mobile Commerce Power Playbook for the 2023 Holiday Shopping Season

Mobile devices have become a fundamental part of consumers’ holiday shopping experiences. Over 55% of customers plan to buy at least one holiday gift from their smartphone or tablet, giving […]

Mobile devices have become a fundamental part of consumers’ holiday shopping experiences. Over 55% of customers plan to buy at least one holiday gift from their smartphone or tablet, giving rise to mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is becoming more ubiquitous. About $3 of every $4 spent online is made from a mobile device. With holiday e-commerce sales expected to skyrocket to over $253 billion this year, now is the time to enhance your brand’s mobile strategies.

Here is your complete power playbook to spur mobile commerce sales this holiday shopping season. 

What is mobile commerce? 

Mobile commerce is purchasing something online via a mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. However, mobile commerce is also inclusive of the following:

  • Social commerce
  • In-app purchases
  • Mobile banking
  • Mobile transactions and payments
  • Marketplace apps

Brands that make it easy for holiday shoppers to purchase gifts from mobile devices can significantly increase their holiday revenue. 

Why mobile commerce benefits brands 

Mobile commerce strategies allow businesses to meet customers where they already are—on their smartphones. The importance of mobile commerce will continue to rise as we get deeper into the decade.

The main drivers behind mobile commerce trends include:

Brands can benefit big time from the transition to mobile holiday shopping. Some of the top benefits for businesses are:

  • Improved customer experience: Mobile commerce allows customers to shop wherever and whenever they want.
  • Expanded reach: Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have “buy now” buttons. Shoppers can instantly purchase products they discover online. Businesses advertising their offerings online can increase product discovery and reach more consumers, especially Gen Z.
  • Better engagement: Today’s holiday shoppers expect brands to be available 24/7. Mobile commerce allows businesses to interact immediately with customers via push notifications or direct messages.

To maximize these benefits, you need to have your finger on the pulse of mobile commerce buying behaviors. 

Top 2023 mobile commerce holiday shopping behaviors 

Businesses that want to use m-commerce need to understand the behaviors of consumers on these platforms. This is what 2023’s shopping trends look like:

  • Shopping on mobile devices will surpass desktop and account for over half of all online spending this year
  • More customers will use their smartphones to find gift ideas
  • Early-bird shoppers will find their phones to find the perfect gifts and deep discounts

Three innovative ways to leverage m-commerce during the holiday shopping season 

Do you want to capture more holiday sales? Here are three ways to use mobile commerce to power profits.

1. Chatbots 

Many customers do their holiday shopping online because it’s faster and more convenient. They can skip the long checkout lines and purchase gifts on their phone.

Brands can use chatbots to make the holiday shopping experience as effortless as possible. Chatbots improve customer service by promptly addressing common customer inquiries and concerns. Your brand can be available 24/7, even when your employees are offline.

Chatbots can also offer customized product recommendations, alert customers to new product arrivals, and make checking out a breeze. 

2. Personalization matters 

Personalization is at the core of a great shopping experience. About 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand if it offers personalized experiences. Brands can capitalize on these preferences by providing personalized product recommendations to holiday shoppers.

Customers who shop from mobile devices are less likely to explore your entire catalog. Encourage them to spend more money by recommending products they’re more likely to buy. Use a shopper’s purchase history to tailor recommendations to their unique wants and needs. 

3. SMS shipment updates 

Holiday shoppers expect their mobile purchases to arrive well before the holidays. However, shipment delays do and will happen. Brands can avoid the problem by reaching out to customers directly with SMS.

According to our research, 93% of Americans will have patience around delivery delays with brands they already associate with good customer service. Additionally, 62% of customers want businesses to send follow-up texts with regular updates.

Drive more mobile commerce holiday sales with Mitto

We’re here to offer engagement for your brand across SMS, chat apps, social channels, and more to ensure you and your customers remain connected. This holiday season, set your brand up for success by meeting your customers where they are – on their phones.

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