No Cap: Omnichannel is Essential for Attracting Gen-Z Consumers

The oldest members of Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) are entering the workforce. Comfortable with all things digital and tech, Gen Z is the first generation not to […]

The oldest members of Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) are entering the workforce. Comfortable with all things digital and tech, Gen Z is the first generation not to know life before the internet. And with a purchasing power of over $143 billion, Gen Z shoppers have money to spend.   And while they’re expected to really shake up the eCommerce industry, Gen Z is heavily influenced by their cultural and social beliefs, much more so than any previous generation. Gen Z’s alliance will be with brands that stand for something.   To tap into this new market, brands need to understand what makes Gen Z tick and how to communicate with them effectively.   With a strong brand identity and an omnichannel messaging strategy, your brand can attract, obtain, and retain Gen Z consumers.  

Key Gen Z shopping habits

  Gen Z will account for 10% of America’s total share of spending by 2030. And while they love to shop, this generation prefers to buy from brands that hold the same values and beliefs that they do. A2021 Consumer Culture Report by 5WPR revealed that 45% of Gen Z had boycotted a brand, and 36% want to buy products that embody their political and social ideologies.   Most Gen Zers will spend their money on technology, electronic devices, self-care products, and discounted products and services.   Growing up in a highly connected digital world, Gen Z is accustomed to getting instantaneous responses and having all of the information they could need right at their fingertips. They also prefer to shop from whatever platform suits them best at the moment.   Brands must cater to these expectations with swift responses that simplify the shopping experience across all channels. To do this, businesses must embrace omnichannel messaging.  

Effectively targeting Gen Z with omnichannel 

  Almost all Gen Zers own smartphones, and 55% use their phones five or more hours per day.   Since their identity is deeply rooted in being online, brands must focus on delivering fantastic digital experiences to Gen Z consumers. Growing up on social media, Gen Z is accustomed to customization. Almost two-thirds of Gen Z shoppers will purchase a product if they can personalize it.   Brands must offer authentic, hyper-personalized experiences and ongoing 24/7 customer support to effectively connect with Gen Z. It’s also imperative to clearly articulate what values they uphold.   To do so, brands must make themselves available to Gen Z shoppers around the clock. With meaningful automation, chatbots and other forms of AI can quickly resolve common queries on the customer’s channel of choice.   With the average Gen Zer’s attention span for an ad being eight seconds, brands must make a strong statement from the get-go. Customized messaging that resonates with Gen Z’s strong social values and beliefs will capture their attention.    Instagram, WhatsApp, and SMS are all effective platforms for engaging Gen Z shoppers. These avenues allow you to send snappy, customized communication in digestible chunks. Use text, vivid imagery, and fun videos to draw them in and keep them interested. In your campaigns, identify what value your products can add to Gen Z’s lives and what your brand stands for.   Omnichannel messaging ensures your brand delivers consistent, continuous communications and support on the channels Gen Z is already on. To attract Gen Zers, you’ve got to meet them where they already are.  

Tap into the Gen Z market with omnichannel

  The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of our digital worlds. Gen Z already grew up in such a world and now expects brands to provide them with an outstanding digital experience.   With omnichannel, your brand can send personalized messages and offer 24/7 support to Gen Z customers. Quick responses and customized communication that spotlights your values across all channels guarantee your brand will be seen.   To learn how Mitto can help you entice Gen Z shoppers, contact us today.