Today there are more than 1.5 million organizations within the U.S. non-profit sector, with many more organizations across the globe. Non-profits run the gamut from hospitals and universities to environmental groups and human service organizations.

It can be challenging for donors, volunteers, and new members to choose a non-profit they’d like to support with so many options. As such, nonprofits need to leverage new technologies to their advantage to attract, obtain, and retain the folks that drive organizational success.

A successful communication plan should be at the root of a non-profit’s marketing, fundraising, and recruitment efforts. Digital communication strategies can enhance these initiatives and provide outstanding results.

Non-profit online fundraising efforts have ballooned over the last several years. According to Salesforce, 61% of nonprofit leaders have reported ramping up their social media fundraising campaign efforts in the past five years. And some non-profits spend as much as 100% of their marketing budget on digital marketing strategies. 

So how can your non-profit hone its communication skills and set itself up for future success? The answer lies in digital communication channels and SMS services.

The benefits of digital communications for nonprofits

To entice committed donors and volunteers, a non-profit needs to stand out from its competitors. With millions of non-profit organizations worldwide, the competition to attract donors is cut-throat.

Building strong relationships with supporters is critical. Crafting highly personalized messages for your advocates to receive across multiple channels is an effective method to grab their attention instantly. Once a dialogue is initiated, you can send your audience event reminders, calls to action, and even donation requests on their preferred communication channel.

Reaching your supporters where they already are is critical to get more eyeballs on your messages. By connecting with donors, volunteers, and new members via social platforms, you can solidify trust and build stronger connections, leading to their unconditional support.

Many nonprofits have shoestring budgets that they must effectively optimize. With tight marketing budgets, nonprofits need to find cost-effective and unique ways to reach their target audience. This strategic use of resources is where SMS and omnichannel messaging services can be lifesavers. They provide real results for less money. 

SMS clickthrough rates are almost 10% higher than email. And 60% of consumers read texts within one to five minutes of receiving them. SMS can trim your bottom line while delivering superior results.

How nonprofits can feasibly utilize digital communication and SMS 

There are many practical ways nonprofits can use digital omnichannel communication and SMS. For instance, political parties can send customized messages to young voters on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, rallying them for an upcoming event. Local action groups can swiftly send their members texts to seek their opinions on community issues, warn them about severe weather, or inform them about local employment opportunities. Your organization can also acknowledge donors for their generosity by sending personalized “thank you” messages to their smartphones or social media inboxes. Best of all, nonprofits can use SMS and social media messaging as part of their fundraising efforts. 

A great example is how Mitto’s SMS solutions helped the non-profit organization SOS Children’s Village engage external donors during a fundraising campaign. To ensure funds are directly going into care for the children SOS supports and not into counterbalancing overhead, the organization needed to focus its operations on narrow margins. 

Mitto provided SOS with SMS services to streamline communication between the donors and fundraisers. The partnership has enabled SOS to reduce costs on communication overhead, boost productivity, and concentrate more on what truly matters: assisting children in need.

Cardinal rules for effective SMS messages

To get the most out of their SMS and digital communication efforts, non-profits need to abide by a few cardinal rules to steer their conversations in the right direction. These include:

  • Brief conversations: Quick, easy-to-digest messages deliver fast responses. It’s essential to always make texts skimmable.
  • Make it clear: Always include a call to action within the message. Readers should always know what a non-profit wants them to do, be it donating, registering, or RSVPing to an event.
  • Personalize it: Studies show that crafting unique messages based on individual customer personas can increase engagement.

How Mitto can level up your communication efforts

To effectively reach donors, rally volunteers, and foster deeper connections, nonprofits must partner with an experienced SMS and digital messaging provider to deliver measurable results. 
At Mitto, we go above and beyond to offer support and superior services to our clients. Start enjoying a 98% read rate now by discovering more about our self-service tools and SMS solutions. Simply sign up here or shoot us a text at +1 (424) 653-3380 to learn more.