The business-to-business (B2B) landscape is wildly different from just five years ago. With more significant buying segments, increasingly complex sales funnels, and critical decision-makers now conducting independent research, savvy B2B marketers are embracing new strategies to attract and nurture leads, including account-based marketing (ABM). ABM plays a pivotal role in the success of many B2B brands. Marketers who leverage ABM strategies can dramatically accelerate the buyer’s journey, drive pipeline, and boost ROI.  While there are dozens of different flavors of account-based marketing strategies, one thing does remain the same. Personalization is at the core of every effective ABM program. So, how can your B2B organization deliver customized content to the accounts that matter most across a wide array of channels?  The answer is integrating omnichannel messaging solutions into your ABM strategy.    

Why is omnichannel an essential component of ABM?

  Did you know that the best ABM strategies use more than one or two marketing channels? B2B marketers that limit themselves to just a few channels will curb their returns.  An omnichannel approach to account-based marketing ensures you’re reaching your prospects where they already are. However, you need to deliver a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint. The guiding star of a stellar ABM strategy is providing your target accounts with a unified conversation across all platforms, deepening their relationship with your brand. Today’s B2B buyers don’t get their information from a single source or sales rep. Instead, they use 10+ channels to interact with a brand before converting. When your prospective customers are everywhere, you need to be too. The number of channels B2B customers are using isn’t the only thing that has increased. Buyers now have more interactions with brands before deciding to purchase. The number of buying interactions climbed by 10 in just two years. And we’re not talking about just one B2B buyer. As many as six to 10 decision-makers now make up B2B buying groups, all of whom have their preferred watering holes.  To shorten the sales cycle, marketers must provide customized content and contextualized conversations to these diverse buying teams on their favorite platforms. Furthermore, the experience must remain consistent across every channel. With omnichannel messaging, you can engage the accounts most likely to buy with hyper-personalized conversations across all platforms.  

Actionable tips for using omnichannel in your account-based marketing strategies

  Now that you understand why omnichannel messaging is a crucial ingredient of ABM, let’s explore a few ways you can implement this approach in your account-based marketing strategies.  

Ensure your content is relevant and valuable

  Getting your messaging in front of the right people isn’t enough. B2B marketers must offer buyers pertinent content that addresses their pain points. Once you have accurately identified the roles of the individuals who will influence purchasing decisions, create in-depth personas of those accounts, including their daily problems and incentives. You’ll also need to know where these prospects love to hang out the most. Research shows for example that baby-boomers spend a lot of time on Facebook while millennials are more likely to be found on Instagram. WhatsApp and Viber have super engaged users in certain regions and SMS is still the king worldwide. Armed with this intel, you’ll be able to craft personalized messaging that caters to a buyer’s unique needs and preferences.   

Have a single source of truth

  Throughout your entire ABM program, accessing account-level engagement across all platforms is critical to learn what content resonates with your audience. Your main goal is to see a compounding effect and consistently increasing levels of engagement on each channel. Mitto Campaigns allows you to monitor engagement results across numerous channels on one platform. This gives you a bird’s eye view of your campaigns, enabling you to double down on the most effective messaging channels.  

Optimize your account-based marketing strategies with omnichannel

  To shorten the customer journey by effectively engaging valuable accounts, you must incorporate omnichannel messaging into your ABM strategies. With Mitto Integrations, you can effortlessly add omnichannel solutions to your existing CRM, including Salesforce and HubSpot, and implement these strategies immediately.    To learn more, contact us today.