Consumers demand seamless experiences across all touchpoints in the modern digital landscape. With 90% of travelers doing online research and 82% booking via those same digital channels, this is especially true for the hospitality and travel industry.


From the moment travelers start researching online, they expect consistent brand communications from pre-trip inspirations to post-trip activities. If a business fails to deliver the same level of service and support during a travel customer’s homeward flight as it did when they first booked their tickets, its charm will quickly fade.


But with 2.9 million daily airline passengers in the United States alone, how can the travel and hospitality industry keep pace?


Omnichannel communications address these issues by delivering holistic, personalized travel experiences across multiple platforms. This can boost customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and retention. 


Omnichannel experiences are not a nicety—they’re essential for the travel industry


About 63% of the travel market lives online. Adopting omnichannel strategies will significantly enhance how hospitality and travel brands interact with consumers across these digital channels. Not only does this ensure united, customized journeys, but it also makes it easy for customers to contact businesses while providing incredible flexibility.


About 90% of Americans choose not to fly with an airline or stay in a hotel again after a negative customer experience. And with around two-thirds of travelers expecting swift resolutions and 50% prioritizing fast communication and short wait times, omnichannel plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction and your bottom line.


Some of the top benefits of robust omnichannel engagement for the travel and hospitality industry include:


  • Compared to brands with no omnichannel strategies, companies with complete strategies were 4X more likely to report extremely loyal customers and 2X more likely to respond to customers in real-time.


  • The ability to deliver personalized, streamlined, and connected customer experiences across all platforms.


  • Builds trust in digital interactions, transforming new customers into brand advocates.


  • Targeted campaigns and numerous engagement options.


  • Proactive communication puts consumers in the driver’s seat, allowing them to stay on top of price fluctuations, flight delays, baggage claim details, and other vital information, improving customer satisfaction.


Want to reap these benefits and more by adopting omnichannel strategies? Here are some tips to get you started. 


How the travel industry can improve CX with omnichannel 


Omnichannel interactions allow customers to get information and communications that flawlessly flow from one channel to another, enhancing their experiences and simplifying complex travel logistics.


Use these strategies to make travelers’ lives easier and improve their experiences, from pre-travel to post-trip. 


1. Pre-trip 

Well before they step on an airplane, travelers are searching for the right flights at the best prices that suit their itinerary and schedule.


Booking flights via kiosks or travel agents is a thing of the past. Today, consumers can quickly search for the best deals, book their tickets, and download their boarding passes right from their smartphones.


Using an omnichannel strategy that includes SMS, airlines can send booking confirmations, timely deals, links to download boarding passes, and additional information about terminals, gates, and last-minute changes.


Some of the best channels to engage customers pre-trip include SMS, WhatsApp, and Google Business Messages


2. In-travel 


Navigating airport layouts, gate changes, baggage check-ins and claims, and flight delays or cancellations can be overwhelming.


Furthermore, disruptions like seat changes or missing luggage can detail a traveler’s entire trip. Airlines can alleviate these burdens and help customers avoid such hiccups with prompt, personalized communications via SMS or messaging apps.


Brands can send customers:


  • Baggage check-in and claims information


  • Last-minute gate change alerts


  • Notifications about delays or cancellations


  • A text message containing a link to the layout of the airport so travelers can easily find their gate


  • SMS check-in reminders


If travelers need further support, they can contact the airline directly through their favorite social apps and be connected to a live agent.


For fast resolutions, connect with customers via WhatsApp, SMS, or Voice during their trip. 


3. Post-travel and trip 


Once they arrive at their destinations, travelers need to pick up their luggage, find transportation to their hotel, or sometimes find the fastest way to their connecting flight.


Help customers get to their hotel by allowing them to connect with a ride-share or taxi service via SMS or WhatsApp. You can also send them information about connecting flight schedules, rental cars, or five-star restaurants near their hotel. 


ROI-driven omnichannel marketing tactics for the travel industry


In addition to improving customer experiences, travel and hospitality brands can also harness the power of omnichannel to enhance their marketing campaign efforts, including:


  • Loyalty programs: Use SMS loyalty programs to treat frequent flyers. Send them exclusive offers, VIP perks, or relevant deals.


  • Upgrades: Airlines and hotels can use SMS or chat apps to upsell products and services to travelers most likely to buy, including premium cabin seats, room upgrades, or invitations to exclusive lounge access. 


Mitto is revolutionizing the travel industry 


With Mitto Conversations, airlines and hotels can deliver unified, two-way communications across all digital channels. Help travelers score the best rates, update them about flight delays or gate changes, and tempt them with exclusive offers.


You can also add SMS to your communications strategies with Mitto Campaigns. Provide immediate support and resolutions, send personalized deals, and keep travelers in the know with alerts and reminders.

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