Is your current technology stack checking off all the right boxes but missing one crucial tool? If your answer was a resounding “yes,” and that tool in question is omnichannel software, then your business could greatly benefit from an omnichannel integration partner.

The massive shift to omnichannel communication intensifies the challenge for businesses to create long-lasting relationships with their customers. Brands face the hurdle of discovering new customer experience management tools to meet current consumer expectations. Moreover, these tools must be intuitive enough to evolve with today’s savvy shoppers’ ever-changing needs and preferences.

So how can you effortlessly enhance your existing tech stack to set your brand up for success in an omnichannel world? Mitto’s vast list of partners enables you to seamlessly integrate our solutions into platforms you already use and begin sending communications via SMS and other channels today.

Why all-in-one business solution platforms are essential

Today’s business technology landscape is crowded. It’s like a New York City subway and filled to the brim with apps, tools, platforms, and other services that all claim to be the best solutions for alleviating your hyper-specific pain points.

Within the marketing space alone, there are a whopping 8,000 different products available to help you do everything from identifying potential leads to monitoring analytics.

These technologies allow you to glean an intimate understanding of the behavior and intent of your customers. Insights such as emotional satisfaction or sentiment can now be used as valuable data points.

Unfortunately, all of these products can leave your staff scrambling to efficiently manage tons of solutions for various aspects of customer engagement. As a result, data can become siloed, and administrative costs can quickly gobble up your ROI, eroding the benefits of this next-gen tech.

This disconnect is why unified business platforms are crucial. They allow your business to easily merge all of the moving parts of your complex management ecosystem to streamline real-time data reporting, effortlessly manage your brand’s reputation, and provide shoppers with a consistent experience across all communication channels.

Mitto understands that adding new platforms can be a burden. That’s why we partner with leading platforms to offer our services in a frictionless, cohesive way.

By adding SMS and other omnichannel software solutions to your existing tech stack, you can more efficiently engage customers worldwide. Sending highly personalized notifications, reminders, invites, and other short messages to consumers will boost your customer experience. Did you know that the open rate of SMS is 98%, compared to the meager 20% for email? Furthermore, 75% of shoppers want to receive your offers via SMS!

With our integration services, you can immediately start enjoying the immense benefits of omnichannel communications without enduring the headache or hassle of onboarding an entirely new platform.

Our integration partners

Mitto has partnered with many of the world’s top platforms to make your job easier. From marketing automation tech to companies in the business process management space, here are some of the brands we’re proud to call our partners.

Marketing automation tools

Marketing automation software makes your marketing department’s life easier by automating campaigns and maintaining a customer database. We have partnered with HubSpot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, Mapp, and more to help brands harness the superior capabilities of omnichannel communication.

Our partnership with Mapp enhanced its existing stack and allowed the company to deliver cross-channel, wide-scale campaigns for its enterprise clients.

Why not add SMS to the mix if you’re already using HubSpot or Salesforce to send email campaigns? As previously mentioned, a text is nearly five times more likely to be opened than an email.

Authentication tools

This software protects both your brand and your customers. Tools such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) with SMS provide an extra layer of security against cybercriminals and help your brand verify a customer’s identity.

We have partnered with Auth0 and RSA SecurID to help you step up your security game.

Online marketplaces

The days of driving to the mall to window-shop are long gone. Now, curious consumers can browse for products they want or need right on their smartphones from the comfort of their own homes.

Mitto has collaborated with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and other online marketplaces to help businesses engage customers on their preferred channels. With SMS, you can amplify the customer experience by providing support, confirming purchases, sending shipping notifications, and event marketing promotions.

Business process management software

Business process management software (BPMS) is an automation tool that helps brands map out their everyday processes to control costs, streamline daily operations, and boost the effectiveness of their people.

With our integration solutions, you can add Mitto to your Microsoft Power Automate platform to incorporate enterprise-grade SMS for alerts, reminders, invites, marketing messages, and other short communications. Fast and efficient messaging ensures quicker response rates from your team.

Additional partnerships

Mitto has also joined forces with Zoho, a CRM platform, WordPress, a website management tool, and many other leading platforms to make your life easier. If you want to deploy better marketing campaigns, consider integrating Mitto’s omnichannel software solutions. Contact us now to learn more.