SMS marketing demands much more than blasting thousands of texts to opted-in consumers. It requires thoughtful strategies that will attract new customers while re-engaging and retaining existing ones. To keep old leads hot, brands must continuously retarget their existing audience with fresh, valuable content via SMS remarketing tactics.


With SMS having an open rate of 98%, it serves as a powerful tool to meet shoppers where they already are—their smartphones. With an effective SMS remarketing campaign, your brand can win back and reengage customers with rich, personalized text messages.

What is SMS remarketing? 

Simply put, SMS remarketing is reconnecting with existing customers, consumers that have already interacted with your brand, or cold leads through text messaging.


Whether sending an abandoned cart reminder to a former customer or enticing site visitors with exclusive offers, brands can keep customers coming back with impactful SMS remarketing campaigns.


Regaining the interest of former and existing customers is a lot less complicated than attracting new ones. However, these shoppers need to be opted-in to your SMS program before you start reaching out.


Some reasons to give SMS remarketing a go include:


  • Increased sales and conversions


  • Better brand awareness


  • Beefier subscriber list


  • Deeper brand-customer relationships


  • Reduced customer churn


And with almost 60% of consumers responding to SMS messages within just five minutes of receiving them, brands can enjoy better business outcomes.

What customers should you be re-engaging? 

The first step to an effective SMS remarketing campaign is to identify which customers you should be retargeting accurately.


Inactive customers are the first ones you should be going after. These folks have stopped clicking on your calls-to-action, engaging with your Facebook posts, and browsing products on your website.


Brands can identify inactive customers by three factors: behavior, customer lifecycle, and frequency.


  • Behavior: Has it been a while since Customer X opened your emails? Did Customer Y last visit your site in the past month? These behaviors, or lack thereof, can indicate inactive consumers.


  • Lifecycle: Understanding how customers typically interact with your brand is essential. Compare customers you think are inactive to those who interact with your brand regularly to glean accurate insights.


  • Frequency: Downtime depends upon the frequency of your interactions. If you send weekly texts to your customers, you can gauge who the inactive customers are more quickly than if you were to send monthly emails.


Additionally, you should know what caused your customers to go dormant in the first place. Some common reasons for customer losses include:


  • Irrelevant content or offers


  • Too many texts or emails


  • Poor customer service


  • Steep prices


After identifying inactive customers, set up customer segmentation in your customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This allows you to swiftly identify inactive customers and reengage them with SMS messages when certain conditions are unmet.


Mitto Integrations makes it easy to send SMS remarketing campaigns to your CRM’s different buyer segmentations. Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. 

SMS remarketing campaigns to win back inactive customers 

After you’ve identified and segmented inactive shoppers, now the fun begins. Here are some SMS remarketing campaigns to try to attract inactive customers. 

Flash sales 

We all love deep discounts. SMS is the perfect platform to attract existing customers with flash sales and special offers. If you’ve segmented customers based on their purchase history, you can send them sales on products they already love.


When sending flash sale offers, you need to create a sense of urgency to compel recipients to take action. Always include a time limit in your texts. If they ignore your offer, send them a follow-up text a week or so later with an even better discount. 

Abandoned cart reminders 

Cart abandonment can cost your business big time. In fact, abandoned carts account for $18 billion in lost revenue per year! Furthermore, mobile commerce shopping has the highest rate of abandoned carts at over 85%.


If you notice a customer left items in their cart, send them a gentle reminder via SMS. To prompt them to act fast, send them a special discount or free gift if they check out within a certain timeframe. 


Surveys are a great way to reengage inactive customers while obtaining valuable feedback. You can send a survey as a follow-up to a flash sale or ask customers what your brand can do to enhance their experience.


Provide an incentive to encourage customers to take the survey, such as another discount.


Mitto makes it easy to reengage inactive customers 

Mitto Campaigns makes sending SMS remarketing campaigns a breeze. Simply select your customers, craft your message, and launch your campaign. You can even track the results!


Contact us today to learn how we can help you reengage inactive customers.