With an embedded mission to support the future of communication, we are always thinking ahead of ways to leverage communication tools and technologies not just to better serve our customers, but also our colleagues. We know we are at our best when we enable our team, individually and collectively, by putting them in a position to succeed.

With close to 200 people across 17 locations, Mitto is no stranger to remote work & virtual collaboration. However, for many of our people in the 5 global offices, work was primarily an office-based experience.

So, now we look to the future and ask ourselves — what’s next? As the world will eventually transition back to a “new” normal, what will business as usual look like? More importantly, what will be the right environment for OUR team? With our people at the heart of everything we do, how can their energy, their creativity, and their spirit shape the way we interact together in this next phase of success?

We asked these questions and we solicited feedback from each and every one of our people, from one corner of the globe to the next. We carefully examined all the data on what did (and didn’t) make our people thrive during the global Covid-19 remote work experiment. 

While the basic freedom to work from home/beach/hillside was much appreciated, one thing was clear: people didn’t miss offices, people missed other people. They missed social connections, spontaneous interactions, building relationships and sharing of knowledge – the stuff successful, innovative startup cultures are made of.

Welcome to the MittoHub

Effective immediately, Mitto is rolling out a people-first policy that makes a return to office work optional. This means that our people will continue to enjoy the fundamental flexibility to choose the location from where they do their best work.

While we are saying goodbye to the five-day office week, we are still committed to keeping specific times when our co-located teams gather for critical on-site experiences – from onboarding new hires to expert speaker series to kicking off new projects and ideas.

In support of this effort, our physical spaces will undergo a creative transformation into a network of globally connected social collaboration hubs (#mittohub), to serve as a dynamic pulse of our culture, learning, and knowledge-sharing across continents. This is why we are designing our new hub-based workplace in a way that intentionally builds social capital so critical to our sense of community, belongingness and trust – making our remote work experiences all-the-more productive and satisfying.

As leaders in the industry, we feel it’s imperative to put our money where our mouth is. We talk about communication being the connection that brings people together, but even when we are physically apart our ingenuity, teamwork, and entrepreneurial spirit remain very much intact. It’s part of our very DNA.

We look forward to working with our partners, customers, and colleagues on this journey as we continue to lead the pack with our solutions, our customer experience, and our culture.