SF International Improves Engagement, Lowers Support Costs With Mitto SMS

Many of us take shipping for granted. We could have a new TV dropped off in a matter of hours, new clothes sent to us overnight, have our car dispatched […]

Many of us take shipping for granted. We could have a new TV dropped off in a matter of hours, new clothes sent to us overnight, have our car dispatched across the country in a few days. We have been trained to think free two-day shipping is a human right. But that is merely for domestic delivery of consumer goods. When international and manufacturing shipments, customs, tariffs, and taxes get involved…well, it becomes quite a bit trickier.

SF international was founded with a commitment to provide convenient and reliable logistics services, such as international express delivery, international freight forwarding, e-commerce parcels, international warehousing, goods consolidation and forwarding services, for domestic and overseas manufacturing companies, trading companies, cross-border e-Commerce companies and consumers. In addition, SF international can provide integrated and customized import and export supply chain solutions covering market entrance, transportation, customs clearance, delivery, warehousing and system, based on our customers’ needs.

Use Cases

  • Customer Support
  • Order Tracking



SF’s international express business covers 71 countries, and its international small parcel business covers 225 countries and regions around the world. In the first half of 2020, the total transportation volume of international all cargo air routes exceeded 40,000 tons. That’s a lot of moving pieces so obviously, communication is paramount to their business. While SF International has sophisticated and automated processes to communicate internally, on the other end were customers they needed to reach for issues such as support, notifications, and updates. Phone calls and e-mails from their support team were no longer cutting it for SF International. They needed a cost-effective and efficient channel with which to contact their users. Naturally, they turned to Mitto and inquired about the power of SMS.


SF International primarily relied on two channels for tracking and support: E-mail and phone calls from customer service reps, which are inefficient and costly to render support. SF International implemented an SMS solution from Mitto, choosing to use it as their main channel for updates, shipping notifications, and support. SMS is a cost-effective channel that provides high customer engagement and allows for SF International to seamlessly provide end to end support for their global customers.

Key Results

SF International saw their support costs go down and their customer satisfaction ratings go up. By spending more time properly sourcing the goods of their customers instead of worrying about communication woes, SF International is now able to provide a better experience for all of its customers thanks to Mitto. SF Inter­­national was not only able to take advantage of Mitto’s premium service quality, including its state-of-the-art routing platform, but was able to leverage local support, local knowledge, and geographic redundancy.

The business of international logistics is complicated, by implementing a simple SMS solution SF International has made their own lives easier by keeping its customers better informed. When a person or business orders goods they typically want to know where they are and when they will arrive. If something goes wrong, they want to be able to quickly get in contact with the courier. With Mitto and SMS, now all of this is possible.

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