Much like last year, the 2021 holiday shopping season has presented brands with unique challenges. Supply chain shortages, lofty consumer expectations, and a continued preference for shopping online rather than in-store have left retailers scrambling to deliver memorable experiences that will keep customers coming back for more. This is especially important because subtle nuances between good and bad experiences can be a make it or break it for returning shoppers.

In order to attract, obtain, and retain loyal customers, brands need to really hone in on their customer experience (CX) strategies. By having a comprehensive omnichannel communications plan in place, brands can deliver a unified and personalized experience across all major platforms. Additionally, omnichannel solutions help to get the right advertisements in front of the right customers, effortlessly manage an influx of support inquiries, and reinforce brand loyalty.

Here are the top ways brands are using omnichannel communications to deliver memorable customer experiences.

Immediate responses equate to higher revenue

Today’s savvy shoppers demand, and expect, swift responses from brands. Between all of the holiday hubbub, customers don’t want to wait around for lagging replies. In fact, consumers can start getting frustrated after waiting only two minutes for a response from a customer support associate. However, with shoppers being concerned over inventory availability and shipping delays caused by supply chain challenges, customer service teams are expected to face massive volumes of support inquiries this holiday season, making it difficult to promptly respond to all questions and concerns.

Having a mature omnichannel strategy in place can streamline communications, alleviate customer support associates from burnout, and ensure all inquiries across all platforms are quickly addressed. In fact, according to findings in our State of the Customer Experience report, a robust omnichannel strategy allows companies to respond to customers in real-time and boost customer satisfaction.

Having a unified dashboard of all customer conversations across multiple platforms, such as Conversations from Mitto, can help brands effortlessly manage influxes of support inquiries across numerous channels.

Brands can further boost responsiveness and resolution time by implementing chatbots and other AI in their communication strategies. For quick answers to simple questions or for instant resolutions, chatbots are a fantastic tool.

Precisely target the right customers

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many consumers have done their holiday shopping online instead of in person. Brands can take advantage of the online shopping blitz by advertising personalized deals and promotions to highly targeted customers via channels such as SMS and WhatsApp messaging. Not only does this allow companies to meet shoppers where they already are – their phones – but it also enables them to deliver highly tailored messages to people already interested in their products. Furthermore, brands can send customers product recommendations, shipping updates, and inventory availability right to their preferred channel of communication. This not only attracts new shoppers but deepens relationships with existing ones.

Brands can leverage SMS by using innovative tools, such as Campaigns by Mitto, to easily manage and monitor campaigns. By having clarity into what communication tactics are working best, brands can continually optimize their marketing strategies.

A unified customer experience across multiple platforms

A cohesive customer experience is crucial to a brand’s success during the holiday season and beyond. Yet according to Gartner, more than 90% of brands don’t have an efficient strategy in place to ensure their messages remain consistent across all consumer touchpoints. A jumbled experience can confuse and frustrate shoppers, turning them off to a brand forever.

When it comes to creating a consistent customer experience, silos can be a brand’s worst enemy. To keep consumers actively engaged, you need to continually deliver valuable and relevant content across every touchpoint on every platform, every time.

A brand can achieve this by enhancing its communication methods with an omnichannel strategy. In fact, nine out of 10 customers want a unified omnichannel experience that delivers flawless communication between different channels. Every interaction a customer has with your brand should be part of a singular experience. This provides them with a cohesive journey across all platforms, both online and in-store.

Omnichannel communications promise amazing customer experiences all year long

It’s imperative that shoppers enjoy an awesome customer experience during their entire end-to-end journey. Omnichannel communications ensure there are no gaping holes in processes and interactions during any step of the journey. From piquing interest by delivering tailored promos to efficiently engaging with customers post-purchase, brands can increase both customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Having a comprehensive omnichannel communications strategy isn’t just imperative for holiday season success. It’s essential all year long.
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