SMS Campaigns Have Never Been Easier

As a marketer, you know the power of SMS. With open rates over 90%, SMS delivers your message directly into the hands of your customers. But running effective SMS campaigns […]

As a marketer, you know the power of SMS. With open rates over 90%, SMS delivers your message directly into the hands of your customers. But running effective SMS campaigns takes more than just blasting one-off messages. You need a solution that makes it simple to target specific customer segments, personalize your messages, and analyze campaign performance.

That’s where Mitto’s Campaigns tool comes in. Mitto’s robust platform helps you create and launch SMS campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results. With intuitive workflow tools, personalized messaging, and detailed analytics, you can engage customers in a meaningful, measurable way.


Key Features That Make Campaigns a Marketer’s Dream


Mitto’s Campaigns tool provides all the key features you need to execute multi-channel campaigns with ease:

Multiple users: Give your team access to collaborate on campaigns together. Assign specific roles like Administrator, Campaign Manager, Reporting Manager, and User Manager to control permissions.

Distribution lists: Segment your customers into targeted lists for personalized messaging. Upload your contacts or integrate with your CRM.

Campaign templates: Use pre-built templates to kickstart your campaigns. Customize messaging while maintaining brand consistency.

Campaign reporting: Gain insight into delivered messages, track individual campaigns, or view performance across all campaigns.

Plug and play contact lists: Our newest feature! Easily upload contact lists in seconds. Mitto integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

With these robust features, you can create distribution lists, set up reusable campaign templates, and monitor end-to-end performance. Now let’s walk through the simple three step workflow for launching effective SMS campaigns.

Step 1: Choose Your Customers


The first step is identifying who you want to reach. Mitto’s segmentation tools allow you to divide your contacts into targeted distribution lists.

For example, if you’re a retailer you may create a distribution list like:

  • Customers who abandoned their cart
  • Loyalty members who haven’t made a purchase in 90 days
  • Customers located in a specific city where you’re having a sale

Other ways to slice your audience could be by demographic information, purchase history, or behavioral data. Segmenting your customers allows you to deliver hyper-targeted, relevant messaging to each group.



Step 2: Craft Your Message


Once you’ve identified your audience segments, it’s time to build your campaign messages. Mitto’s Create Campaign tool makes it easy to customize your content.

The tool makes it easy to insert placeholders like first name to personalize the message. For customers who recently abandoned their cart, you could send:

Hi [First Name], don’t forget your cart is still waiting! Click here to complete your purchase and save 10% off your order today.

For loyal customers, you may send an exclusive offer:

[First Name], thanks for being a valued member! Take 30% off your next purchase with code LOYAL30.

Personalized subject lines and content keep your customers engaged. You can also take advantage of Mitto’s campaign templates to save time building recurring campaigns.



Step 3: Launch and Review Your Campaigns


The final step is sending your campaigns and monitoring their performance. Select your distribution list, schedule the send time, and hit launch.

Once your campaign is delivered, dive into the reporting tools to analyze metrics like:

  • SMS Delivery Rates
  • SMS Traffic Costs
  • SMS Traffic by time period
  • Country breakdown

This data helps you identify any issues with messages and opportunities for optimization. You can monitor campaign metrics in real-time or export reports.

With Mitto’s Campaigns tool, you have an easy-to-use platform to execute multi-channel campaigns that engage customers across different segments. Take advantage of robust targeting, messaging, and analytics to get your SMS campaigns delivering results.



Get Started with Mitto’s SMS Campaigns


As an essential marketing channel, SMS requires the right tools to execute effective campaigns at scale. Mitto provides an intuitive platform to reach, engage, and support customers through targeted SMS messaging.

See for yourself how Mitto Campaigns can transform your SMS strategy. Start a free trial to learn more. Our SMS experts are ready to help you achieve your customer engagement goals through the power of SMS campaigns. Once you’ve created your account, check out this in-depth guide with answers to all your questions!