In days of yore, all brands needed to land new customers were quality products priced to sell. Today, the customer experience and conversational commerce take precedence. One-third of consumers will walk away from a company after just one unpleasant encounter.


Poor customer service costs brands over $75 billion annually, with about 67% of consumers taking their business elsewhere because of a bad experience.


Having the best product at the best price is no longer a key differentiator that drives sales. Today’s shoppers have many options and are in the driver’s seat. They can interact with brands however, wherever, and whenever they want.


Customer buying decisions are no longer brand-driven. They are experience-driven. Shoppers demand fast, convenient, and personalized support. And with consumer expectations escalating yearly, brands must work extra hard to win customers over.


To do this, you must stop talking at your customers and open the doors for a two-way dialogue. Conversational commerce demonstrates that you’re listening to their needs and expectations.


SMS is among the most effective ways to engage customers in swift, personalized conversations.


Use these five stellar SMS conversational commerce examples to wow every shopper with prompt, individualized attention. 

Why SMS?

SMS is a powerful tool for captivating customers. While social media apps, chatbots, and email are great, SMS delivers unmatched results:






Consumers can use SMS to start a discussion with their favorite brands. After a customer opts into your SMS program, you can send them discounts, notifications, and offers. However, it’s important to remember that relevancy, efficiency, and convenience are paramount.

Five brilliant examples of SMS conversational commerce 

Here are five great examples of SMS conversational commerce done right. 

1. Curated promotions 

Never send customers discounts or offers for products that aren’t relevant to them. You wouldn’t be excited to receive a 25% off coupon for snow shovels if you lived in Florida, would you?


Leverage data in your CRM to segment your SMS subscribers. According to their demographics or shopping history, send curated promotions tailored to their needs and interests.


Mitto’s SMS tools can seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, including HubSpot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and more. This makes it easy for you to send the right messages to the right people. 

2. Product discovery with fun trivia questions 

People love trivia. Why do you think your friends are always inviting you out to Quizzo?


Delight your customers by sending them equally entertaining quizzes. For instance, ask them about their favorite color and then send them a product recommendation based on their response.  


Your questions don’t have to relate to your products or services directly. The goal here is to keep things fun.


Get some inspiration from the SMS template below:


Hi [customer’s first name]! Ready to find the perfect raincoat? Reply with a number and we’ll give you a personal recommendation.


I prefer:


1 – Light pink

2 – Dark blue

3 – Neutral grays or tans

4 – I love all colors! 

3. Tap into unique moments with conversational commerce texts 

Real-time marketing strategies are effective ways to keep your messaging fresh. Stay on top of fun national holidays to send customers relevant texts. For instance, ask your subscribers what their favorite brew is on National Coffee Day. You can then send them a product recommendation based on their response. 

4. Cart recovery 

Abandoned carts cost retailers $18 billion in annual losses. There are numerous reasons why customers don’t complete their purchases. Use behavioral data from your CRM to craft appropriate follow-up texts. When sent an SMS reminder, nearly three-fourths of customers (73%) said they would likely return to their abandoned cart. 


For instance, send customers a gentle reminder or a coupon. Set up auto messages triggered by customers’ online actions to streamline the process. 

5. Bring the in-store experience online 

Despite the massive shift to online shopping, customers still crave in-store experiences. There’s nothing like that feeling of walking into a store and being greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable sales associate who offers personalized product recommendations.


Give customers that same VIP treatment online. Charm them with a personalized conversational flow if they haven’t purchased anything after opting into your SMS program.


Need help? Use the template below.


Hi [customer’s first name], still deciding? We’re here to help! What are you looking for?


1 – Shirts

2 – Shoes

3 – Necklaces

4 – Jeans


According to their response, send them customized recommendations to move them faster down the sales funnel.

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