Start Sending SMS Campaigns and Connect to HubSpot in Four Simple Steps

Users of HubSpot are no doubt aware of its power as a CRM powerhouse that assists businesses with sales, marketing, operations and even content management. What you might not know […]

Users of HubSpot are no doubt aware of its power as a CRM powerhouse that assists businesses with sales, marketing, operations and even content management. What you might not know is that businesses can build powerful SMS marketing campaigns from HubSpot using Mitto’s integration. Brands can open a whole new world of outreach by leveraging a channel with a 98% open rate.

HubSpot users can quickly and easily leverage Mitto’s industry-leading SMS solution in just a few simple steps. Start engaging customers and prospects on the most effective channel for customer engagement.

With Mitto you can test sending SMS for free using our self-service signup option. We will show you how to start easily, get a Mitto API key and start sending SMS directly from HubSpot.

If you aren’t using SMS campaigns yet, or simply don’t know how to connect Mitto’s Campaign Manager to your existing HubSpot account, this guide will walk you through it with simple, step-by-step instructions. You’ll be set up for SMS marketing campaigns in no time. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create a HubSpot account

If you aren’t a HubSpot user yet, you’ll create your account first. (Current users can skip to step 2.)

By heading to the HubSpot registration page, users can get started for free. HubSpot will ask you where you want your data hosted and then suggest adding some contacts, but if you aren’t ready for that, don’t worry, you can do it later.

Step 2: Mitto Integration

With HubSpot’s App Marketplace, you can integrate tools you need for your business with your HubSpot account.

From your account you will navigate to…

Settings > Account Setup > Integrations > Connected Apps

When you have arrived: your screen should look like this.

In the App Marketplace search for Mitto and choose it, or go directly to this link.

From there you will install the app, choose which HubSpot account to connect and finally connect the app. After you do this, you will see Mitto under connected apps!

Step 3: Get an API Key and Test your free SMS

Next step will be integrating your API key. If you don’t know what an API key is, don’t worry, we got you. We’ll provide you with a code that will allow you to link your HubSpot account to the robust backend messaging capabilities of the Mitto ecosystem. Once you get this code in place, you’re ready to begin crushing it with your first SMS campaign.

To get the code, you will fall into one of three categories.

  1. Existing users will login to the Mitto dashboard and grab their key from the Settings section.


  1. If you are talking to sales, they will create the account for you, and then you will login to the Mitto dashboard and grab your key from the Settings section.


  1. New users that want to try Mitto for free will use our self-service option to create a Mitto account and connect it to HubSpot. Follow this link to create your account!

After you sign up, you’ll verify your email and phone number that you will use to test messages. You’ll be invited to fill out your profile.

Now you are ready to start using it and send out first message. When you land on our Dashboard, get your API key which you will need to save to your HubSpot integration. (Your API key will be displayed under settings.)

When you are done with testing and want to top up your account – go back to Mitto Dashboard and contact us by clicking on the button or send email to .

Step 4: Connect your API key

The fourth and final step of our process is to connect your API through HubSpot. Go to any of your HubSpot contacts and find Mitto SMS card in the side panel, then click on Settings.

Your screen should look like this.

Once you enter your API key, you’re connected and ready to send SMS. Hooray! You did it!

Reimagine your outreach efforts with SMS

So, what does this mean for your new marketing efforts? For one, you no longer have to rely on long emails full of links that will be sent to spam or ignored. Instead, you have the ability to create custom content 160 characters at a time that will dazzle your customers (often within five minutes!) Want to run a flash sale? Want to advertise a loyalty program? Give a simple nudge about an abandoned cart? The truth is, SMS marketing is what you make it, and we would love to give you a few ideas of where to start.

We’re coming to Inbound, and we would love to meet you! Drop us a note and we’ll set up some time to chat. In the meantime, if you’re clamoring for more detailed instructions on how to start sending SMS or read about some of our more advanced integration features, check out our full HubSpot/Mitto Integration Guide here.

Congratulations on starting your new journey with SMS marketing, the truth is everything is about to change for your business and we’re super excited that we get to be your partner along the way. For any questions, feel free to reach out, if not, we’ll catch you at Inbound.