With the rise of mobile commerce, more consumers now than ever before prefer interacting with brands via messaging apps, including Viber. 

While using FacebookInstagramTwitter, and WhatsApp are effective ways to meet customers where they already are; savvy brands take it one step further by creating valuable and pertinent content for audiences. For example, hastily throwing together a generic message about a product launch and then blasting it to your subscribers doesn’t cut it.

No customer wants to hear brands yammer on and on and on about how great their products and services are. Instead, they want to see how these solutions can improve their lives.

Brand monologues are a thing of the past. It’s time for businesses to get off their soap boxes and start talking with consumers, not at them.

One effective way your brand can boost its presence in the mCommerce space while fostering meaningful conversations with consumers is Viber. With 1.17 billion users worldwide and 820+ active monthly users, Viber can expand your global reach and build deeper relationships with your customers.

Here’s how your brand can use Viber to engage customers with impactful conversations to boost conversions. 


The power of a good Viber conversation


Did you know that over half of customers are likelier to buy from brands they feel connected to? Furthermore, over 75% of consumers will continue to purchase from that business over its competitors.

Stronger customer connections start with better conversations. Remember, conversations are a two-way dialogue. Brands shouldn’t just talk about the perks of their products. Instead, they should listen to their customers, understand their pain points, and demonstrate how their products and services can enhance a shopper’s life.

Better brand-customer conversations can:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Boost sales

Now that you know the importance of good conversation, let’s explore how to create better customer conversations using Viber.


Three ways to create impactful customer conversations on Viber


On Viber, brands can engage customers with conversational, promotional, and transactional messages. So not only can you spread brand awareness and make it simple for customers to contact you, but you can also provide 24/7 support. 

To make the most of your messages, use these three tips to create meaningful Viber conversations. 

1. Personalize your content

Viber’s 1,000-character count limit makes it effortless for brands to craft valuable messages that recipients want to respond to. On top of that, you can also include images, videos, and emojis in your content, further personalizing the conversation.
Always address customers by their first name. If your brand already uses a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, create customer segmentation based on demographics, locations, or buying behavior. This ensures you send relevant content to the right audiences, such as product recommendations.

2. Stay curious 

A crucial element of a great conversation is the ability to listen actively. When engaging your customers, listening to what they say is essential. Be—and stay—curious about their needs, desires, and goals. Then, when interacting with them further down the road, showcase your understanding of their pain points to make them feel seen and heard.
Proactively engage consumers with questions. For example, if you ask for customer feedback, be sure you’re addressing problems they’ve cited in the future.

3. Timeliness is key

If you’re texting with a friend, you’ll get frustrated if they don’t reply within a day, right? The same rings true for brands. If you fail to respond to customers promptly, they might decide to take their business elsewhere.

That’s why quickly answering all questions, comments, and concerns is essential. Timeliness and transparency are paramount. To guarantee customer support around the clock, harness the power of chatbots to resolve simple issues or answer common questions 24/7. 


Start having better conversations with Mitto


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