Tap into Latin America with Omnichannel Messaging

Business is booming in Latin America. Especially digital business. In fact, ecommerce sales in Latin America are predicted to rise to a staggering $160 billion by 2025.   For brands […]

Business is booming in Latin America. Especially digital business. In fact, ecommerce sales in Latin America are predicted to rise to a staggering $160 billion by 2025.   For brands that want to expand their global footprint and dramatically boost growth, tapping into this valuable market is essential.   But how can your brand effectively engage with Latin American consumers? Omnichannel messaging can help.  

Latin America + ecommerce

  In 2020, ecommerce sales soared in Latin America by over 60% as over 38 million customers made an online purchase for the first time. Furthermore, the number of Latin American digital consumers is predicted to spike to 248.7 million. This is nearly half of the region’s population over the age of 14. By 2031, forecasters predict that the number of digital buyers will reach 435 million.   The growth in eCommerce sales has been spurred on by rapid growth in smartphone ownership. In 2021, almost half of all ecommerce sales in Latin America were made on a mobile device.   Latin American shoppers expect to buy items that are sold in the United States or Europe in their home countries. For businesses to succeed in this market, they must make their products and services readily available. Additionally, brands need to interact with regional consumers in the right ways to build trust before they’ll even make a purchase.   There are tremendous opportunities for growth and revenue for brands that effectively target and engage shoppers.   Leveraging an omnichannel messaging strategy for marketing campaigns, businesses can meet Latin American shoppers where they already are – on their smartphones. Digital communication channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and of course, WhatsApp, allow brands to actively engage consumers with targeted, personalized messages, fostering trust and brand loyalty.   But what platforms are the best to use and what tactics will deeply resonate with the Latin American market? Let’s take a look at some brands that are achieving successful results with omnichannel.  

Brands that are doing omnichannel right in Latin America

  Many brands are successfully engaging the Latin American market via omnichannel messaging. The fast-food restaurant brand Subway launched an RCS business-to-consumer messaging campaign in Latin America. Their campaign featured real-time, AI-driven conversations that made checkout simpler and messages more personalized. As a result, Subway saw a 146% lift and a 50-60% spike in conversion rates.   The key takeaway here is that personalized messages make life easier for consumers and drive real results. By allowing shoppers to make a purchase right within the chat, your brand can increase customer satisfaction and sales conversions.   Another brand that effectively engaged Latin American consumers with omnichannel was the lifestyle brand AMARO. By integrating all of their messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, AMARO’s customer service team could respond to customer inquiries faster and more efficiently. By streamlining digital communications, AMARO enjoyed a 93% customer satisfaction score and a 58% reduction in call center costs.   A unified omnichannel approach and allowing your customers to meet your brand on the channels they prefer creates a stellar and frictionless customer experience. Conversations provides an easy to use, no-code solution for an integrated omnichannel support platform.    For businesses that have yet to establish a strong digital presence in Latin America, WhatsApp messaging can open the door to achievement.  

Why WhatsApp is essential for engaging Latin American consumers

  WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in Latin America. Almost all mobile phone internet users in Brazil actively use the platform. In Argentina, 84% of mobile phone internet users are on the app. And there are over 60 million active users in Mexico. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with WhatsApp.   By incorporating the channel into your brand’s omnichannel communications strategy, your business will be poised for success in the Latin American market. Using WhatsApp to engage Latin American consumers can increase customer loyalty, provide a valuable channel for communications, and create more personalized shopping experiences.  

Successfully engage Latin American consumers with omnichannel

  If you want to expand your customer base in Latin America, omnichannel communications is the obvious answer. You can provide a superior customer experience with personalized messaging and swift support all on a shopper’s preferred messaging app.   WhatsApp Business allows you to reach, support, and engage billions of consumers worldwide, including millions within Latin America. Contact us to learn how Mitto can help you get started today!