The Hidden Power of SMS

As a seller of business solutions, my number one goal is to help brands achieve optimal results. Recently, this passion spilled over into my personal life. I’m always keeping an […]

As a seller of business solutions, my number one goal is to help brands achieve optimal results. Recently, this passion spilled over into my personal life. I’m always keeping an eye out for brands that go above and beyond my expectations so I can share their techniques with others.   Recently, a local boutique shoe store reached out to my wife via SMS. She had signed up for text alerts at the point of sale last time she was in-store, expecting to receive automated alerts and coupons. To her surprise, a brand representative reached out directly to have a two-way conversation. The store had received a new collection from the designer of the shoes my wife had previously purchased, and wanted to walk her through the new style options. Via text, the retailer gleaned a deeper understanding of my wife’s fashion and comfort preferences. Armed with that information, they helped her select her new favorite pair of heels, to be delivered to our house in three days, with a 30-day return window.    I’ve been working in the digital messaging business for over a decade now and even I was thoroughly impressed. Talk about an excellent use of digital channels to deliver a stellar customer experience.    Brands that add value to their customers’ lives can increase trust, loyalty, and even profits. Here are five key takeaways from my wife’s first-class SMS experience that you can start using today.  

1. The power of personalization

  Personalization is essential for all marketing campaigns. Period. It’s not enough now to simply address a customer by their first name. Personalization means understanding a shopper’s specific pain points and helping them solve these problems.   For instance, the shoe retailer that reached out to my wife learned about what characteristics she was looking for in a perfect shoe. They then made personal recommendations based on this information.  

2. Let them pay their way

  Once my wife decided to make the purchase, the retailer sent a payment link directly within the text conversation. This made the buying process simple. She was able to quickly auto-populate her payment and delivery info.    By offering multiple digital payment options right in the chat, brands can further enhance the customer experience. Give your shoppers the ability to pay by credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.


3. Give shoppers the information they need when they need it

  Did you know that over two-thirds of customers think bad customer service is worse than a shipment delay? A great way for brands to mitigate frustration if a delivery delay occurs is to let the customer know immediately. SMS notifications are the perfect way to do this.   While my wife didn’t experience any shipment delays, the footwear company did keep her up-to-date on delivery details with ongoing SMS texts. They gave her a heads-up on when her shoes were sent out, what the package tracking number was, and when the delivery arrived on our doorstep.   By providing customers with relevant information at the right time, such as delivery information, your brand can build trust while giving shoppers peace of mind.  

4. Guarantee they never miss out on great deals

  After my wife received her shoes, she wanted to continue doing business with the company. To ensure she saved money while shopping, the retailer kept her in the know about time-sensitive offers and exclusive promotions. This made her feel like a VIP while saving money on products she already loved.   By sending your customers SMS offers and coupons, your brand will stay top of mind for the long haul.  

5. Superior results

   This last takeaway benefited the retailer more so than my wife. By using SMS instead of email, the company ensured that my wife would quickly open and read their message. In fact, SMS has an open rate of 98%, compared to email at just 22.7%.   By communicating with customers via SMS rather than email, your brand can enjoy a higher ROI. That’s just smart marketing!  

What you can learn from this experience: SMS is the superior solution

  My wife thoroughly enjoyed her SMS experience. She was able to find a product that brought joy and happiness, and the brand was able to build upon a loyal customer relationship.   With SMS, the possibilities are endless. And so are the opportunities. A strong SMS campaign could help your brand hook your next VIP customer.    To learn how Mitto can help your brand succeed, contact us now.