It’s no surprise that when it comes to superior service, consumer expectations are higher than ever before. In order for brands to rise to the occasion, they must continually deliver personalized customer support in a timely manner.   However, doing so isn’t always easy, and oftentimes, there’s a lot at stake. If brands aren’t proactively resolving customer pain points, their reputation and revenue could both be on the chopping block. In fact, about 63% of Americans would switch brands if they received poor customer service.   To provide customers with the support and services they expect, it’s essential for brands to understand the top consumer complaints they’re up against.   Here are the five most common customer service problems of 2022 and how to fix them with omnichannel.  

1. Lagging responses

  Modern consumers demand immediacy. That’s why one in 10 people reported that a lack of speed is their top customer service frustration. Furthermore, 90% of consumers expect immediate responses to their inquiries. If a brand takes longer than one minute to respond, 60% of customers will become displeased.   To mitigate this problem, brands can use auto-replies and chatbots to provide immediate answers to simple questions. Almost 70% of consumers prefer using chatbots because of this.   More complicated inquiries can be routed to a customer support associate. Brands that have hybrid support teams consisting of both humans and bots can provide amazing assistance to customers, no matter what their needs might be.  

2. Shipment delays

  Whether it’s the result of inclement weather or customs clearance issues, shipment delays are among the top consumer grievances. Customers want their packages and they want them now.   While brands can’t control the weather, they can control how they choose to respond to frustrated customers. If your customer’s delivery is delayed, it’s imperative that you proactively communicate with them early and often. According to our benchmark survey, 91% of respondents believe that great customer service makes wait times bearable.   SMS is an efficient way to send customers continuous updates about their packages. To further enhance the experience, brands should personalize text messages by using a customer’s first name and writing in a conversational tone.   

3. Impersonal customer support

  Nearly two-thirds of consumers become frustrated with impersonal content, including emails, texts, and social messages. Today’s customers want to see their needs reflected in brand communications. Additionally, they want to feel as though a brand genuinely cares.   When it comes to an exceptional customer experience, connection is key. With an omnichannel communication strategy, brands can optimize personalization, segment their consumers, and meet them on the platforms where they already are.   

4. Siloed teams

  According to our State of the Customer Experience report, nearly two-thirds of marketers and three-quarters of customer service teams have zero or limited visibility into other departments’ interactions with customers. This can result in slow response and resolution times.   When your brand’s marketing and customer support teams take a unified approach to customer service, they help more customers in a timely manner.   With a mature omnichannel strategy, marketing and customer support teams can leverage the power of chatbots and message flows to boost productivity and performance. In doing so, brands can significantly increase revenue and customer loyalty.  

5. Inconsistent customer experience

  Modern-day e-Commerce has transformed into “Me-commerce.” As a result, consumers expect brands to provide stellar support through their favorite channels, including:  

  Many brands struggle to provide customers with a consistent experience across all channels. An omnichannel approach allows you to deliver consistent, personalized content on every platform.   

Offer superior customer service with Mitto

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