Southeast Asia has become a global heavy-hitter in the booming FinTech sector. The region boasts some of the best-funded FinTech startups in the world and is projected to generate over $38 billion in annual revenue by next year.

The driving force behind Southeast Asia’s massive FinTech success is tech-savvy consumers who prefer digital financial solutions over traditional ones. Over 70% of the area’s population doesn’t use traditional banks.

However, while this industry will continue flourishing, Asian FinTech brands are not immune from their unique challenges. As cybercrimes and consumer demands continue to rise, effective communication and security strategies have become paramount in customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Cultivating trust in the age of digital banking



While FinTech has made banking services quicker and more convenient, it has also opened the door for identity theft and fraud. About 64% of financial institutions reported a ransomware attack in 2023, and these threats will continue to rise.

Not only does this compromise a business’s reputation, but it also puts customers’ vulnerable data on the line. Data breaches will erode consumer trust and loyalty—which is incredibly difficult to regain.

Another significant challenge Southeast Asian FinTech companies face is personal communications. While consumers love the ease and efficiency of digital banking services, they still crave human connections. Almost two-thirds of financial services customers want more individualized support and attention. Unfortunately, when it comes to personalized interactions, the FinTech industry is falling flat.


How Southeast Asian FinTech firms can rise to the occasion



Swift, secure, personalized communications ensure a FinTech brand’s success in this cutthroat industry. FinTech firms must establish robust communication and verification processes to safeguard customers’ sensitive information while engaging them with high-quality, customized content.


2FA and OTP



FinTech companies can use two-factor authentication (2FA) to efficiently verify customers and reduce fraudulent activity by up to 99.9%. 2FA is a fast way for customers to confirm their identities via mobile devices and access their accounts. Furthermore, these instant identity checks are hassle-free and document-free. FinTech businesses can beef up their security without sacrificing quality customer experiences.

Mitto’s Verification allows FinTech brands to authenticate customers quickly and easily. Businesses can choose from multiple verification options, including SMS and text-to-speech.

Our best-in-class multi-factor authentication process safeguards customers, improves loyalty, and boosts retention cost-effectively.


Hyper-personalized, humanized communications



In addition to security, FinTech companies must also prioritize individualized communications. This ensures customers feel like a company deeply understands and cares about their unique goals and pain points. However, prompt responses are just as crucial as tailored interactions.

Mitto’s intelligent communications tools allow FinTech brands to excel at both:

  • WhatsApp Business: Southeast Asian FinTech firms can expand their reach and deliver instantaneous communications to over two billion users worldwide. WhatsApp streamlines customer onboarding, allows brands to respond to inquiries in real-time, and improves security with end-to-end message encryption.
  • Voice: Enhance customer interactions with customized voice calling experiences through our carrier-grade platform. Use local languages and add names to make customers feel like they’re talking to live agents.
  • SMS API: Empower and educate customers with timely alerts about suspicious account activity, personalized financial guidance, payment reminders, customized offers, and more.
  • Number Lookup: Use collected insights to build profiles to send personalized content and communications to individual customers.

Mitto is revolutionizing how FinTech talks to customers


Ready to deepen customer loyalty, improve security, and gain a competitive edge? Mitto’s Integrations allow HubSpot, Salesforce, Shopify, and other platform users to tap into our intelligent communications tools and enhance customer engagements in minutes.

Personalize messages, schedule SMS campaigns, and verify customers through one single intuitive platform.

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