Curious to know why an industry expert chose Mitto for his next leadership role? Interested in the messaging trends that keep him engaged? Join us for an inspiring Team Spotlight as we chat with our Head of Business Operations, Uros Mijatovic and uncover the motivations behind his journey with Mitto.


What does a VP of Operations at Mitto do?


Overall, the VP of Operations plays a crucial role in ensuring that our business operates efficiently, delivers a reliable service to its users, and achieves its business objectives in a competitive and rapidly evolving market. Key areas I am focusing on are:

  1. Leadership and management – Leadership is the compass that guides the team’s vision, while management is the engine that propels them towards success.
  2. Operational efficiency – optimizing processes, reducing cost and improving service quality.
  3. Performance metrics – establishing KPIs to measure the performance of the messaging service and regularly analyzing data to identify areas of improvement.


How long have you been involved in the cloud communications industry?


My journey in the industry began back in 2011, while still completing my exams at university. I kicked off my career as a Support Engineer at the innovative messaging company, Routo Telecom. Shortly after, Routo was acquired by the prestigious US company, Telesign, which opened the doors to new opportunities and allowed me to embark on an exciting climb up the corporate ladder.

What is it about the world of a2p communications that has kept you engaged for so many years?

My journey in this industry has been nothing short of thrilling! The dynamic nature of the business keeps me on my toes, encountering new challenges and changes every day. The best part? Interacting with a diverse array of people and cultures, which has been incredibly enriching. But what truly keeps my passion alive is the immense personal growth I experience on this exciting ride, and of course, the amazing team of people I get to work with every single day. They inspire me and make this adventure worth every moment!


What made you choose Mitto? (how did our tech stand out to you)


Over the past several years, I’ve closely observed Mitto’s disruptive presence in the industry. Their agile approach and innovative business models have led to remarkable growth, challenging even the biggest players. As I engaged with the founders, it became evident that Mitto occupies a unique position, straddling the realms of a fast-paced startup and a well-established enterprise. This balance presents a compelling challenge—one that I’ve encountered in the past and conquered with success, igniting my determination to take on this new endeavor and prove my capabilities once again. One aspect that truly stands out and deserves considerable admiration is Mitto’s remarkable status as one of the few, if not the only, bootstrapped and profitable players in this space, and that too, without any debt. This financial stability is a testament to the company’s exceptional management and strategic prowess.

Intrigued by the impressive trajectory and principles of Mitto, I made the decision to embrace this opportunity, fully committed to contributing my expertise and passion to an organization that exemplifies true innovation and resilience in the industry.


Why do you think some of the top enterprises in the world choose Mitto as their provider?


Mitto takes pride in our streamlined and efficient approach! Our messaging platform is nothing short of amazing—highly customizable and equipped with automation to simplify the complex SMS logistics for enterprises. We’ve established an excellent connectivity stack, boasting direct connections, tier1 players, and a vast aggregator community. This combination empowers us to ensure message delivery for our clients without unnecessary complexities.

One of our key strengths lies in efficiently managing a diverse range of customers, from large enterprises to small businesses, while maintaining a healthy balance in operational expenses. In today’s market landscape, where the burden of debt may be affecting some of our competitors, we stand firm with our financially sound practices, allowing us to focus on growth strategies that prioritize sustainability and responsible financial management.


As an expert in the industry, what trends are you seeing in the a2p/cloud communications space?


The three words that have dominated discussions in the industry this year and previous one is undoubtedly Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT) and its implications. As a market expert, I am eager to witness a unified effort by industry leaders to address this pressing concern and find effective solutions to maintain the SMS product’s viability while shifting focus towards innovative communication approaches that deliver real value to enterprises. At Mitto, we take immense pride in actively investing efforts to assist enterprises in combatting the AIT trend. Witnessing Mitto’s dedication to addressing this crucial issue is genuinely gratifying and reinforces my belief in responsible and sustainable strategy of the company.

A concerning trend that warrants attention is the ongoing surge in SMS prices, primarily influenced by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The absence of a defined ceiling price adds uncertainty to the market dynamics. However, amidst these challenges, a positive development is emerging—increasingly, more enterprises are becoming well-informed about the ecosystem. This rising awareness enables companies with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape to distinguish themselves and gain the recognition they deserve.


What element of your job do you enjoy the most?


I firmly believe in the power of leading by example, inspiring KPIs growth, and, above all, nurturing the growth of individuals and witnessing their remarkable development. There’s nothing more fulfilling than empowering others to reach their full potential and witnessing their incredible journey of growth and achievement. Let us embrace the transformative impact we can have on others’ lives and strive to be the catalysts that spark positive change and inspire greatness in everyone around us. Together, we can create a ripple effect of growth and excellence that knows no bounds.


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