With over one-billion users worldwide and 70+ million interactions every hour, Viber is a powerful customer engagement tool. Brands can use Viber Business Messages as a single channel for multiple conversational, promotional, and transactional messages. 

This year, Viber introduced two new products: Business Inbox and Commercial Account. These products will enhance security and the customer experience while benefiting brands. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Viber’s exciting new features. 


Viber Business Inbox: what is it, and how does it work?


Business Inbox is a dedicated space for brand-consumer interactions. This folder is accessible directly from the Chats screen and allows users to store and organize brand conversations, including one-to-one chats, special discounts, and order confirmations. 

Business Inbox will be pinned to the top of the Chats screen by default, and all brand communications will be automatically routed to the folder. This makes it easier for users to navigate their inboxes. Instead of scrolling through messages from their mom or friends, users can tap on their Business Inbox to find chats with their favorite brands.

Users can customize their Business Inboxes to make their Viber experience as convenient as possible. They can: 

  • Move any brand messages out of or into their Business Inbox
  • Pin chats to the top of their Business Inbox or regular Chats screen
  • Get notifications on their locked screen
  • View the number of unread messages next to the folder icon 


Business Inbox benefits for brands


This new product will benefit both consumers and businesses. Brands can use Business Inbox to boost customer engagement, build trust, and strengthen user safety. 

Some of the top benefits of Business Inbox for brands include: 

  • Increased open rates: Business Inbox reduces block rates by removing the overlay that previously came with an initial business message to specify it was from a brand.
  • Enhanced security: Only verified business accounts can use Business Inbox. This reduces the risk of users sharing their sensitive information with bogus accounts and protects brands’ reputations.


Commercial Account: what is it, and how does it work?


The second latest Viber product is called Commercial Account. This meta-business entity allows users to proactively search for all brand information and communication channels on Viber from one place.

After typing a business’s name into the search bar, users will see new info pages that display a brand’s logo, verification badge, website, and Viber communication channels, including Business Messages and chatbots. 

Viber plans to add additional Commercial Account capabilities, enabling users to access more services under a single account.   


Commercial Account benefits for brands


Commercial Account helps brands to amplify their presence, enhance the flow of business-customer interactions, and better organize communications.

Small and medium-sized businesses will reap the most rewards from these new search features. They have more options to engage in two-way customer conversations, including Viber Business Messages. Small businesses can also increase visibility with Viber Ads or branded Lenses. This is an excellent tool for brands looking to maximize marketing budgets.


Take advantage of the latest Viber features


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