Vibing with Viber: What Your Brand Can Gain from the Channel

Social media and messaging apps have become a staple of our everyday lives. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are keeping us connected to each other and our favorite brands. But when […]

Social media and messaging apps have become a staple of our everyday lives. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are keeping us connected to each other and our favorite brands. But when we talk about “omnichannel business messaging”, the goal is to diversify your communication portfolio to reach as many customers as possible. That brings us to Viber.

Viber is a cross-function voice-over IP (VoIP) and instant-messaging app with many innovative features that make it extremely unique. Users can send messages, make voice calls, start group chats/calls, and discover new communities all within the same application. Moreover, the app’s users can feel confident knowing that their information is safe thanks to Viber’s robust security features, including end-to-end encryption and trusted contacts.

For business owners looking to tap into a fresh and effective new marketing strategy to attract new customers, Viber Business Messages might be the answer. With users all over the globe, Viber Business Messages gives you access to a vast pool of shoppers who might already be seeking your products or services.  

Expansive reach

If your brand is trying to engage with customers and reach new consumers, Viber provides an excellent channel to do so. Viber is available in more than 190 countries worldwide and in more than 30 languages, and has amassed over one billion Android downloads.

In the CIS region alone, Viber enjoys a robust monthly active user (MAU) smartphone penetration at 76%. This is closely followed by 73% in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and 49% in Southeast Asia (SEA). 

Viber is also gaining traction in countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa with a 32% MAU, Western Europe with a 13% MAU, and Australia and New Zealand with a 10% MAU.

With these regions predicted to experience substantial economic growth over the next two years, leveraging flexible communication channels is a necessary move for savvy business owners attempting to make their mark in a profitable global market.

Benefits of using Viber Business Messages

Brands that choose to leverage Viber Business Messages’ expansive capabilities will enjoy a myriad of benefits, including:

  • One unified, cohesive channel: Viber gives businesses the chance to send multiple types of messages, including conversational, promotional, and transactional. This vastly simplifies your customer engagement strategies and makes it more efficient to interact with your audience.
  • Convenient for consumers: In today’s world of supersonic communications, shoppers expect brands to reply instantaneously to their questions and concerns. Viber users receive all brand messaging in a single, convenient thread. This allows them to search for message history, reply to messages that they deem important, and pin essential threads to the top of their main Chat screens. This feature allows for fast, efficient communication between brands and consumers.
  • Verified accounts to build trust: When a brand is approved for a Viber Business Account, it will automatically receive a “blue tick.” This means that the business is authentic, showing users that it’s safe to interact with the account. Users will feel confident that their information is being protected and solidifies brand trust. Your official business account can showcase your brand’s logo, address, and phone number, making you more recognizable on the platform. Moreover, Viber is serious about its users’ security. The platform’s encryption in transit for business messaging ensures top-tier protection and privacy for users.
  • An abundance of messaging options: One of the largest benefits of using Viber Business is the app’s abundance of messaging options. You can send up to 1,000 characters at a time, as well as video and images. Viber’s extensive menu of messaging features enables you to easily send out customized messages that will boost conversions. 
  • Easy integration and advanced analytics: Viber Business Messages can be seamlessly integrated into your brand’s existing CRM or CDP system. This allows you to closely monitor customer interaction history, analyze behavior, and stay abreast of important metrics to see what strategies are working.
  • Endless expansion: In 2020, Viber for Business enjoyed immense growth, experiencing a 21% increase in business messaging worldwide after the initial months of the pandemic.

Boundless messaging options

Brands can interact with customers in numerous ways on Viber, including conversational, transactional, and promotional messaging.

Conversational Messages

Conversational messages provide a two-way communication channel for your brand to build relationships with new customers. Users can ask questions in real-time. Additionally, your business can quickly respond to queries and collect essential customer feedback to continuously identify opportunities for improvement. Viber leverages “Sessions”, conversational windows of a set time and duration to facilitate simpler billing for brands. These conversational windows enable brands and users to communicate and send multiple messages within a defined 24-hour timeframe. Only a user is able to initiate a conversation, putting them in the driver’s seat and building confidence and trust. While the session timer starts after the user’s first message has been delivered, a company will be charged a session rate only if it replies to the message. 

Transactional Messages

There has been a 58% increase in the number of new business channels on Viber since 2020. These brands have seen instant value in the app’s transactional messages, which has increased by 37%. Transaction messages greatly enhance the customer experience by allowing a user to receive delivery notifications, order confirmations, and other crucial messages. This type of communication builds deeper brand loyalty because of the convenient and transparent communication. In turn, this helps your brand keep customers while trimming your bottom line. Retaining customers can help a brand save money on its marketing efforts. In fact, it costs five times more to entice a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

Promotional Messages

Over 72% of social media users want to receive individual offers from brands. With Viber’s promotional messaging, you can easily send out hyper-tailored messages to specific target accounts. This approach offers better ROI than “spray and pray” marketing, where you send out bulk messages to numerous consumers, sit back and wait, and hope for the best.

Vibing with Viber

Signing up for a Viber Business Account offers immediate value to your brand. Not only can you attract new clientele from lucrative global markets, but you can deepen trust, increase personalization, and grow your business alongside a channel that will grow with you. Reach out today to see exactly how Mitto and Viber can help your business achieve your goals.