In the ever-evolving world of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), there’s a constant demand for brands to provide revolutionary strategies and pioneer products that create distinction in the marketplace. Traditionally, premier shelf space, creative promotions, and engaging end caps were all companies needed to get more eyes on their merchandise successfully.

However, savvy shoppers, technology, and cutthroat competition have flipped the script. A retail renaissance is taking shape that requires CPG brands to connect and engage with consumers in innovative new ways. Empowered by their mobile devices, today’s customers expect 24/7 support and direct engagement from the brands they know and love. CPG brands can, and should, fulfill these needs by leveraging one-to-one communication and engagement via omnichannel messaging.

Power to the Purchasers

Historically, Consumer Packaged Goods brands have controlled the times, locations, and product supplies for customers. But the power pendulum has swung, now putting consumers in the driver’s seat. A lack of variety, crowded parking lots, and endless check-out lines have encouraged people to explore alternative ways to shop. The COVID-19 pandemic made this shift even more dramatic when millions of stores worldwide found themselves forced to shutter their doors.

Instead of visiting a brick-and-mortar store, consumers are now turning to their smartphones to shop and discover new products. To remain relevant, CPG companies must shift their marketing efforts to SMS and social channels, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram, to enhance the customer experience.

Fostering Direct Connections

To be efficiently seen and heard, brands must go where the consumers are. A 2018 study from Facebook revealed that more than 20 billion messages are exchanged through the platform each month by both businesses and people. What started as a way for families and friends to stay connected has spilled into every aspect of a customer’s life. The public now expects big brands to send and receive messages that matter to them. Now more than ever before, CPG brands need to provide support and engagement through these channels.

CPG brands can directly inform consumers about product recalls or introduce them to new merchandise. They can answer a customer’s questions or quickly address their concerns. Moreover, clear and concise messages are easy for customers to digest and much less intrusive than more traditional marketing tactics. With 60 to 70 percent average opening rates within just one hour, Facebook and other social media platforms have become unicorn marketing channels for CPG brands of all sizes.

Stronger Brand Voices 

Previously quiet CPG brands have cultivated huge communities and strong brand voices across social networking channels by educating and engaging customers. Today’s consumers thoroughly research products before they decide to buy. Social media channels give Consumer Packaged Goods brands a fantastic opportunity to persuasively educate and inspire these diligent customers to purchase their products. 

Companies can flood Facebook and Instagram feeds with text-based, informational product posts, short product video clips, and “how-to” videos to inform consumers. Then, by making their brand available for direct messaging feedback and support via an omnichannel messaging tool like Mitto Conversations, the consumer can stay within Facebook or Instagram and receive this support.

Over on Twitter, CPG brands can showcase their unique voice and convey their values while engaging in relevant conversations. Using both customized brand hashtags and trending topics will put a CPG company at the forefront. After they’ve roped in a potential customer with their engaging content, that customer can now reach out directly within Twitter to have their questions answered, thanks to omnichannel messaging.

Benefits of Leveraging Omnichannel Messaging for CPG Brands

Utilizing messaging and social channels enables Consumer Packaged Goods brands to educate, engage, and empower the modern-day consumer. Benefits of omnichannel messaging for CPG companies include:

  • Retaining Customers’ Attention: Short, personalized messages delivered to your customers on the channels they use daily will not only capture their attention but hold it long enough to convert them to loyal shoppers.
  • Making Consumers Feel Valued: A great way to create connections and nurture customer relationships is by making a consumer feel valued. CPG brands can use omnichannel messaging to offer discounts, listen to customer feedback, resolve customer complaints by monitoring conversations, and communicate with consumers one-on-one.

Potential Challenges for CPG Brands

For many CPG brands, the digital landscape is not their most natural marketing environment. However, companies cannot get left behind. Creating an effective communications strategy on social media platforms is paramount for CPG companies seeking to connect with today’s consumers.

Mitto Conversations can solve this problem. CPG brands can now directly engage with customers, offer them an in-store experience from the comfort of their own homes, and incorporate social media channels into their existing communications strategy. 

To learn more, shoot us a text at (424) 653-3380. We’re ready to help CPG brands confidently embrace omnichannel messaging.