Another season of The Bachelor has come and gone; once again the show did not lead to an engagement. Unfortunately for Matt James, this season’s Bachelor, he relied on grand gestures and roses in his search for love, which is the marketing equivalent of relying solely on e-mail to drive customer engagement. 

In a benchmark survey commissioned by Mitto, 78% of American enterprise marketers claimed that SMS was the most effective digital channel they use or had used in driving customer engagement. Furthermore, 77% of the companies that leveraged SMS to send offers and promotions saw a revenue increase in the past calendar year.

The top three issues that marketers reported during a year of covid-induced chaos were how to deliver a contactless experience, how to ensure content deliverability and how to own the customer experience. In this presentation, marketers will learn how SMS and other digital channels such as WhatsApp and Viber are solving these problems and leading the way for growing companies in their customer engagement efforts. Join Mitto’s head of Content Marketing, David Moeller as he takes you on a journey through the survey results, pointing out valuable insights on ways to connect with your customers and generate a positive ROI on your outreach efforts.

Will SMS receive your final rose? Check out the whole presentation here.