Like it or not, consumer expectations have reached an all-time high. Due to the rise of digital communications and consumer proclivity for ecommerce, shoppers bank on a cohesive, customized experience across all social platforms. With roughly 86% of customers channel-hopping across different platforms, the need for an omnichannel communications strategy has never been more paramount to brand success.


The ability to seamlessly move interactions from one channel to another will deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX). Furthermore, our Customer Experience Benchmark Report shows that brands with a mature omnichannel strategy are four times more likely to report extreme customer loyalty and three times more likely to enjoy a significant spike in annual revenue growth.  


Here’s how a fully-fledged omnichannel strategy can deliver a stellar experience to your customers.


What is an omnichannel approach?


Omnichannel communication refers to a multichannel approach for engagement and interaction across numerous platforms, devices, and touchpoints. While it’s hardly a new concept, it’s one that many brands have yet to master. As more consumers demand a streamlined, personalized experience, a mature omnichannel strategy can be a key differentiator between you and the competition.


Due to a lack of in-person experiences during the pandemic, consumers are now interacting with brands via more digital platforms than ever before. During the lockdown, people had to learn how to navigate virtual services for daily essentials like groceries and banking. In fact, businesses investing in omnichannel experiences have spiked from 20% to 80% since 2020.


Why omnichannel plays a key role in CX


A customer’s journey is never linear when they’re engaging with brands. Mobile devices are now the center of our digital world and consumers interact with businesses on a vast array of different channels, from chatbots to WhatsApp. Making a purchase can now happen whenever the mood strikes and on whatever app the shopper is currently using. Seven out of 10 consumers reported that they shop in “micro-moments,” with 35% doing so weekly.


But while these purchases and interactions are happening every minute, nearly two-thirds of marketers and three-quarters of customer support teams have zero or limited visibility into their associates’ interactions with consumers. This lack of clarity will not only disrupt a customer’s journey but can also impact the efficiency of your team. If information is siloed, a consumer calling your support center about a specific inquiry can get upset if they receive the same information they did during a Facebook Messenger chat. This can end up costing you a loyal customer.


Companies that had implemented a unified and mature omnichannel strategy were two times more likely to respond to customers in real-time or less than an hour.


This approach will also boost your team’s productivity. They can use automation tools, like social media auto-responders or chatbots, to resolve simple queries in real-time, drastically lightening their load.


The benefits of omnichannel for a seamless customer experience


A mature omnichannel approach guarantees that your customers will enjoy a customized, cohesive experience across all of the channels they’re already using.


Omnichannel communication will enhance the customer experience by:


  • Offering better customer segmentation: An omnichannel strategy enables you to deeply understand your customers’ behavior and categorize them according to their unique needs and desires. This ensures they’ll always receive valuable information that is relevant to them.


  • Providing 24/7 support: Whether they have a question about the delivery date or product inventory, you can swiftly answer inquiries via chatbots, SMS, and social messaging services.


  • Going global: It doesn’t matter if your customer lives down the street or on the other side of the world. With a global omnichannel strategy, you can provide shoppers with a five-star experience no matter where they live.


What’s in it for you?


We’ve already shown you how an omnichannel strategy can enhance the customer experience. But how will it benefit your business?


An omnichannel approach provides your brand with:


  • Increased revenue growth


  • Extremely loyal customers



  • The opportunity for a global audience


  • Big boosts in customer satisfaction


Conclusion: Your CX success hinges on omnichannel strategies


With an omnichannel strategy, you can ensure a stellar customer experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Craft personalized messages, deliver a seamless experience across all channels, and provide continuous support to your customers with omnichannel communications.


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