Have you ever missed an impossible-to-book appointment? You swear you put it in your calendar for 2 pm, but 4 pm rolls around, and you realize you got busy and forgot. Now you have to try and reschedule, and we all know that’s a pain. 

Things happen, life can be chaotic. But wouldn’t it have been great if you had received a text message an hour before the appointment reminding you? This is a level of service customers have come to expect from businesses.

Today’s shoppers want convenience and prompt communication to questions or concerns. 90% of consumers believe that an “immediate” response is essential when they have a question. And 60% of customers define “immediate” as under 10 minutes. Moreover, 83% of consumers think that convenience while shopping is more critical now than it was five years ago.

For brands looking to retain long-term customers and attract new ones, convenience is the name of the game. With many people working remotely now and having blurred boundaries between their personal and professional lives, important appointments and to-dos can quickly become lost in the shuffle, including doctor visits.

Did you know that almost half (49%) of Americans would likely miss a healthcare appointment if they didn’t receive a text reminder?

SMS reminders have become an integral part of customer communication for organizations across all industries. If you haven’t added SMS and other omnichannel reminders as part of your engagement efforts, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Consumers loooove SMS reminders

Gone are the days of customers cringing when they received a text message from a company. Now, consumers love the ease and convenience of SMS communications. When they receive a text, they can promptly open it and take immediate action.

Whether it’s a hair appointment or doctor appointment, SMS reminders help consumers stay on top of their busy schedules. 83% of customers even prefer to receive an appointment reminder via text. However, only 20% of businesses send them this way.

SMS reminders are a fast, easy, and convenient way to respectfully remind your customers of their upcoming appointment. Not only will this reminder boost both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, but it can also help keep your business schedule on track.

The benefits of SMS for businesses

SMS reminders don’t just benefit consumers. They’re an excellent perk for businesses as well. Not only will SMS texts alleviate the work of your customer support team from calling customers individually to remind them of upcoming appointments, but text reminders will drastically reduce the number of no-shows. Both of these benefits can trim your bottom line.

In addition to reminders, SMS can be a powerful channel for promotional marketing. Texts have an open rate of 98%, while email is just 20%. A high open rate means you’re guaranteed to get more eyeballs on your promotional content if you send it via text, which boosts your ROI immensely.

SMS reminder best practices

To efficiently remind customers with SMS texts while not irritating them, you need to adhere to some guidelines. You can’t just send out a ton of text reminders willy-nilly.

A few SMS best practice tips to consider are:

Knowing how and when to send SMS reminders: Timing is everything when it comes to text reminders. Always send them out during business hours, not in the early morning or late evening. Sending one reminder 24 hours before the appointment can benefit both the customer and your business. Help the customer from forgetting while giving you both leeway if they need to cancel. A second reminder an hour before the appointment is also a good idea.

Automated replies: If a customer does need to cancel or reschedule, having the ability to do so right through the SMS reminder text will further enhance their experience. Consider setting up automated reminders and replies to increase engagement.

Make the most of your content: You can only use 160 characters in an SMS before you are charged for a multi-part text. Make the most of your content by keeping it clear and concise. Always include the date, time, and location of the appointment.

Make it personal: Including the customer’s name in the text is a quick way to personalize the message. Showing respect can increase engagement and customer loyalty.

Your business needs SMS reminders

SMS reminders are a cost-effective way to amplify the customer experience and help busy consumers remember their important appointments. They can also strengthen brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.To learn more about how Mitto’s SMS solutions can help you, text us today at +1 (424) 653-3380.