5 SMS Templates for Entertainment Venues

If you’re an entertainment venue manager or event promoter, you know how essential it is to generate buzz about live events. The more people who know about a concert or […]

If you’re an entertainment venue manager or event promoter, you know how essential it is to generate buzz about live events. The more people who know about a concert or trade show, the more attendees will walk through your doors. SMS marketing can help.   SMS marketing is an effective way to engage more people. With 98% open rates and 60% of texts read within one to five minutes of receiving them, SMS is a powerful tool for the entertainment industry.   However, writing text messages can be time-consuming. Creating different text templates will make your life a lot easier. SMS templates are texts that you can use repeatedly. Just be sure to tailor the messages for the customers you’re trying to target.   Use these five SMS templates to grow your audience and fill more seats.


1. Event announcement SMS templates


Unless you’ve booked Taylor Swift, many people might not know about your upcoming show. Fear not, you can boost ticket sales and build anticipation by sending a simple text blast to your customers that can then make a purchase in just a few clicks.  Use these templates to spread the word about an upcoming event. Hi [first name], [band or artist name] will be playing a show at [venue name] on [dates]. Tickets are moving fast, score your tickets here: [link to ticket purchasing webpage].   Hi [first name], [venue name] has tons of exciting events happening all month long. Check out our calendar: [link to calendar website].  If you need to run an opt-in campaign to build up that customer list, we can help you with that too!


2. Early bird tickets SMS template


If your favorite band is coming to town, you’d want to buy tickets as soon as possible and avoid hours of digital queues. Make it easy for diehard fans to buy early bird tickets with the following template.   Hi [first name], Get ready to rock, [venue name] is excited to announce that [band] is coming to town on [date]. Get front-row seats! Buy your early bird tickets now: [link to ticket webpage].   


3. VIP list template


Want to show appreciation to your loyal patrons? Launch an SMS loyalty program with access to special presales, merch drops or even discount programs. This can improve retention, reach and enhance the customer experience. Everyone wants to feel like a VIP!   Encourage patrons to sign up for your VIP list with the template below.   Hi [first name], thanks for being one of [venue name]’s loyal guests! To show our appreciation, we’d like to invite you to sign up for our VIP list. You’ll receive special discounts and be the first to know about upcoming shows! Text YES to confirm.   You can customize your venue’s specific program and send your VIPs special perks throughout the year.   Hi [first name], Thanks for being [venue name]’s VIP! Here’s a link to download an exclusive live recording of [artist]’s latest single: [link].   Hi [first name], as one of [venue]’s VIPs, you’ll always get first dibs on deep discounts! Redeem this deal at your next event: [link].  


4. Event reminders text template


Sending an SMS announcement about an upcoming event isn’t always enough. You can remind customers about an upcoming show with just a few taps. Create automated text event reminders that include helpful details, such as directions, parking info, and digital ticket downloads.   Hi [first name], Sound check is about to start! This is just a friendly reminder that [band] will be playing at [your venue’s name] on [date]. Get all the details here: [link].  


5. Event cancellation or changes template


Unfortunately, events can get canceled or changed. To mitigate customer frustrations, reach out to then as soon as possible. SMS is a fast, convenient way to let your customers know about a canceled show.   Hi [first name], our show with [artist] will now be starting at [new time]. See you soon!   Hi [first name], We regret to inform you that [artist]’s show at [venue name] on [date] has been [canceled or rescheduled]. Refunds have been automatically issued.  


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