Headquartered in Ontario, California, InQbrands is a leading B2B brand product and development company that creates tailored, end-to-end supply chain solutions for distributors, retailers, and wholesalers through strategic partnerships and alliances with Chinese manufacturers in crucial vertical markets. Founded in 2013, InQbrands has an annual revenue value of over $10 million.

Use Cases

  • Marketing Campaigns



InQbrands strives to deliver value and foster long-term partnerships with each customer they serve. They believe the best business connections are founded on trust and clear communication. That’s why InQbrands takes an omnichannel marketing approach to nurture deeper relationships with existing customers while attracting new ones. With 40% click-through rates, 30% conversion rates, and 98% open rates, InQbrands knew that SMS was a highly effective way to engage customers globally at scale.


Unfortunately, InQbrands’ SMS supplier’s steep rates directly impacted their bottom line. They knew ceasing to use SMS was ineffective and would hinder marketing diversification and campaign performance. Thankfully, Mitto provided a better solution. 


InQbrands partnered with Mitto because our communications services supported their distinct needs and business stages. We provided personalized guidance and developed tailored strategies to significantly improve InQbrands’ SMS reach rates while reducing delivery rates, including:


  • SID registration to maintain compliance within each market InQbrands serves
  • Number Lookup to validate phone numbers to reduce costs and prevent fraud
  • Mobile Intelligence to authenticate numbers, operators, and country codes to eliminate wrong numbers, enhance customer security, and improve delivery quality
  • Building a database of queried numbers and adding white and blacklisted contacts


Additionally, Mitto’s proprietary AI-routing platform and strategic global carrier network ensured InQbrands enjoyed optimal SMS delivery speeds at the lowest price points possible.


Our globally dispersed team of bilingual communication experts provided 24/7 support, which was tremendously beneficial to InQbrands because of the global markets they serve. Our pre-sales engineers also met with InQbrands face-to-face to provide direct guidance and solve problems on the spot. This, in addition to Mitto’s automated delivery reports, gave the company complete peace of mind. 

Key Takeaways 

After collaborating with Mitto, InQbrands significantly increased delivery rates throughout key markets they serve, including France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Nigeria, by 25% on average.

“Mitto is such a professional SMS/voice provider. We feel safe and at ease with them taking the delivery of our messages,” said Zhang Jian, Procurement Manager at InQbrands.


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