It’s no surprise that people love their smartphones. But during the initial wave of the global pandemic, our smartphones became more than a luxury—they became lifelines. Social distancing changed the way we communicate. Since loved ones and friends couldn’t see each other face-to-face during the lockdown, they texted. And in this post-pandemic world, text messages have remained the go-to way to keep in touch. Last year, 51% of Americans texted more than ever.

That’s not the only eye-opening statistic. Texting rates increased, and so did the number of consumers shopping from their smartphones. Mobile purchases account for around 73% of all eCommerce sales. Marketers can use this dependency on smartphones to their advantage. SMS is an effective and affordable channel to engage customers. With 98% open rates, two-thirds of marketers who used SMS to send offers or promotions reported revenue growth in the last fiscal year, compared to 23% who did not. With Mitto HubSpot Integrations, it’s never been easier for marketers to leverage this powerful marketing channel.

SMS is a superpower marketing tool


SMS is an effective channel for expanding your brand’s reach, generating leads, and engaging customers. In addition to driving revenue, SMS can: 


SMS offers endless possibilities to engage your customers. In addition to transforming your entire go-to-market strategy, Marketers can use this channel to:

  • Attract new customers with deep discounts and personalized offers
  • Enhance customer support with text notifications about shipping delays
  • Reward VIP customers with exclusive discounts
  • Notify customers about product restocks


With SMS, marketers can meet customers where they already are. You can also send hyper-personalized content by segmenting your SMS subscriber list with data you already have in your HubSpot CRM. While SMS is a great marketing tool, its results are amplified when marketers combine it with email.

Email initiates the relationship; SMS seals the deal


SMS and email have complementary strengths. When used strategically together, marketers can optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns and engage more consumers. Some of the benefits of using both SMS and email include:

  • Increasing the metrics that matter most: Email opens the door to brand-consumer relationships, while SMS secures commitment. With a combined approach, marketers can attract and retain more customers, achieving higher ROIs.
  • Vastly expanding your reach: With an omnichannel messaging approach, brands can reach more consumers and new markets.
  • Improving the customer experience: When it comes to a fabulous customer experience (CX), a one-size-fits-all marketing approach doesn’t work. Different demographics prefer different engagement strategies. When using SMS and email combined, marketers can cater to all preferences.


Marketers can use SMS and email campaigns in several ways, including:

  • Remind cart abandoners to complete their purchase with irresistible deals
  • Alert consumers when the sold-out inventory they want is back in stock
  • Retain more returning customers with loyalty programs
  • Let customers feel like VIPs by letting them be the first to know about new releases
  • Remind customers that their membership enrollments will soon expire and encourage them to reach out to an agent if they wish to renew
  • Gather phone numbers through report downloads or other form submissions, then add SMS along their HubSpot workflows


Your brand can start developing and implementing SMS and email marketing campaigns immediately with the Mitto HubSpot Integration.

The power of Mitto HubSpot Integration


Mitto’s HubSpot integration capabilities make it easy for marketers to engage customers with powerful campaigns. Not only is the integration process super simple, but it also includes a variety of additional benefits, such as:

  • Continuous regionalized support from Mitto
  • Advanced routing capabilities
  • Industry-leading deliverability and rates
  • Advanced features, like:
    • Group marketing messages: Send laser-focused campaigns to large groups of recipients at once using workflows
    • Superior segmentation: Filter any HubSpot criteria and target customers by industry, title, location, or company
    • The ability to craft personalized messages with placeholders for better engagement
    • Add SMS to any workflow
    • Record all sent messages on the entity timeline


If you are one of the thousands of companies already utilizing HubSpot in your tech stack, adding the Mitto HubSpot Integration is a no-brainer. Leverage the power of your data and the extraordinary open rates of SMS in your Omnichannel strategy to make sure you are meeting your customers where they are and watch your revenues soar. Want to learn more? Contact us today.