Gone are the days of walking into a casino and sitting down at the poker table. Smartphones now give us all the excitement of a casino right in the palms of our hands. From slots and sports betting to blackjack and baccarat, consumers can be matched with live dealers or go head-to-head with other digital players.

Gambling, once a weekend luxury, has transformed into a daily pastime for countless consumers. And thanks to mobile devices, the global gambling market is forecasted to be worth a whopping $765.89 billion by 2027.

But it’s not just customers who benefit from mobile technology. Sports betting and gambling brands can leverage SMS communications to attract, engage, and protect players.


Benefits of SMS for the gaming industry


SMS is a valuable engagement tool for gambling and sports betting businesses. Text messages give brands a direct line of communication with consumers via their favorite devices. This high-impact, low-cost strategy allows brands to attract, obtain, and retain more customers.

Among the top benefits of SMS for the gambling industry include:


  • Highly effective: With 98% open rates, SMS is one of the most effective ways to engage consumers.


  • Versatile: Gambling businesses can use SMS for marketing campaigns or 24/7 customer support.


  • Enhanced safety: Protect customers’ sensitive information with SMS two-factor authentication (2FA).

Now that you know more about the power of SMS, let’s look at three ways gaming brands can put it into action.

3 smart SMS strategies for gambling brands


1. Personalized promotions

Consumer demands are on the rise. Customers expect personalized interactions from their favorite brands. If you send an SMS message to John Doe about an upcoming basketball game when all he ever bets on are the ponies, you’ll lose his trust and business.

SMS segmentation allows you to bucket recipients according to specific demographics, preferences, and priorities. You can then send hyper-personalized content to individual customers. When John receives an SMS alert about tomorrow’s big horserace or a personalized promotion, he’ll be more likely to open his sports betting app.

2. Proactive protection

Behind the financial service and energy industries, online gambling is the third most susceptible sector to cyberattacks. This doesn’t just impact gaming businesses; it also puts consumers at risk.

Gambling companies can protect players’ accounts proactively with SMS two-factor authentication and verification. Verify new users, secure their accounts, and protect their private information from cybercriminals. This deepens trust and boosts brand loyalty.

3. Automated support

We live in a highly automated, instant-gratification world. Customers demand prompt, 24/7 support. SMS helps the gambling industry keep up. Use auto-replies to engage with and assist customers around the clock. Start right away by sending new SMS subscribers a personalized automated welcome message. You can then convert them into brand loyalists with swift responses, customized offers, and relevant alerts and notifications.


With Mitto’s SMS solutions, your brand is a sure bet


Gambling and sports betting companies can win big with Mitto’s advanced SMS API solutions. Casino betting platform Inbet used our SMS solutions to foster deeper relationships with users via daily, real-time communications. Betmaster, a digital betting company serving users throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America, saw an immediate uptick in SMS sign-up conversions and message deliverability after implementing Mitto’s verification tools. We also maximized their overall costs and support times.


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