In his inspirational 2010 TED talk, author and creative director David McCandless famously said, “Data is the new soil.”

And from this soil sprouts digital marketing success.

Over a decade later, McCandless’s statement still rings true, if not more so. With the big data analytics market poised to be worth over $650 billion by 2029, digital marketers are facing a data deluge. Luckily for them, with all of that data comes even more insights about consumer preferences and campaign performance.

But much like soil, marketers must sift, till, and deeply understand data to reap the most rewards. And with data being an ever-evolving ecosystem, making sense of it is no small feat.

Fortunately, many marketing platforms provide data analytics features that help digital marketers uncover meaningful patterns to segment customers and craft personalized messaging.

These platforms also provide marketers with opportunities to explore new channels, like SMS. Using existing customer data, marketers can create hyper-personalized SMS messages that enhance a customer’s experience and provide two-way conversations. With 60% of customers reading texts within five minutes of receiving them, SMS is a fantastic complement to any business’s existing marketing strategies.

The power of marketing platforms for data analytics and SMS


Marketing platforms, like Mapp, allow users to manage their activities, including data analytics. These platforms automate data analytics processes and break down complex data into digestible visuals that right-brained creatives can better understand.

In addition to email and social media, marketing platforms also support SMS channels. Marketers can automate their SMS campaigns, making it easy to send personalized messages at scale.

How do data analytics and SMS affect digital marketing outcomes?


Some of the top benefits of using data analytics and SMS for digital marketing include:

  • Enhanced decision-making: Data reveals what is and isn’t working with marketing strategies. This lets digital marketers identify opportunities for improvement and fine-tune future campaigns accordingly.
  • The ability to anticipate future outcomes: By studying historical data, digital marketers can better predict future trends, events, and outcomes. This empowers them to be more agile and proactive, gaining a competitive advantage in a cut-throat business landscape.
  • Personalized customer experiences: Using data, marketers can segment audiences and deliver personalized SMS experiences that address individual consumers’ unique goals, preferences, and pain points.
  • Direct, immediate communications: SMS allows marketers to engage customers where they already are—on their phones. Send customers personalized promotions, product recommendations, or relevant alerts and updates.
  • Improved open rates: with 98% open rates, SMS is a great supplement to channels that might be falling flat.
  • Younger shoppers prefer text: Two-thirds of Gen Z customers favor SMS over email during e-commerce communications

Top emerging data analytics and SMS trends in 2024


The marketing landscape is continually changing. To stay competitive, brands must adapt to and keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies.

This year, two key SMS and data analytics trends will reshape the future of digital marketing, including:


Artificial intelligence (AI)


Almost half of businesses leverage AI and machine learning to improve data quality. AI-powered insights will continue gaining traction in 2024, helping to automate time-consuming manual tasks, streamline processes, and uncover crucial patterns. AI can also predict user intent and make recommendations that help digital marketers improve campaigns, including content placement and webpage structures.

Generative AI, or AI that generates images, text, and other forms of media, helps marketers craft customized, compelling content that improves the customer experience.


A greater prioritization of personalization


With the advancement in data analytics technologies, it’s now easier for marketers to deliver individualized content. Today’s customers not just expect, but demand, personalized experiences from brands. More consumers will make purchases based on personalized messaging than high-spend commercial ads.

Mapp users can leverage Mitto’s SMS to augment campaign success


Mitto’s Mapp integration capabilities make it easy for users to incorporate SMS with their existing marketing tactics seamlessly. Using existing data, marketers can wow customers with personalized SMS discounts, loyalty programs, shipment updates, and more.

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