15below is a privately-owned software development company specializing in personalized passenger communications for the travel industry. Their messaging platform can seamlessly integrate into airline, rail, and travel companies’ reservation systems, along with over 100 other key data sources. 15below’s hyper-targeted and real-time notifications give companies and travelers a stronger sense of control. From booking to arrivals, millions of customers will receive the exact information, at the right time, via the best channels.


Founded in 2000, 15below serves over 50 of the world’s leading travel enterprises, including JetBlue, British Airways, Qantas, SWISS, Etihad, Lufthansa, and Ryanair. Companies that use 15below’s platform save an average net return of $7M in the first year alone.


Use Cases


  • Customer Notifications







For over two decades, 15below’s sole vision has been to simplify travelers’ journeys and put customers and travel companies in the driver’s seat. From personalized booking confirmations to managing travel disruptions, 15below’s advanced algorithms and bespoke workflows help 50+ travel organizations stay connected to their customers worldwide, streamline operations, and improve their bottom lines.


15below needed a communications provider that offered cost-effective, top-shelf solutions to continue delivering these valuable services to their customers and travelers. Previously, the company’s success hinged on one service supplier. A single point of failure could disrupt all communications entirely.


15below knew they needed a more effective solution to provide their clients with the best service flow and prices.




To overcome these challenges, 15below identified Mitto as their redundancy partner of choice due to the high level of reliability and efficiency.


Mitto provided 15below with a dedicated account manager who offered unrivaled support. With a multilingual customer advocacy team that is globally dispersed, Mitto provides 24/7 support and swift resolutions to every customer worldwide, including 15below. 


To make the onboarding process as smooth as possible, Mitto’s experts closely collaborated with 15below to ensure optimized SMS API functionality and efficiency. This significantly reduced costs by mitigating potential problems before they arose and delivering better experiences to 15below’s end-users.


“Our account manager was very responsive and focused on providing the best services possible. Their willingness to help went above and beyond,” said Karen Smith, Service Delivery Manager at 15below.


Key Results


15below has fully integrated Mitto into their Dynamic Sender system, allowing customers to get the best quality and price for every SMS message. Mitto provides continuous, world-class support that evolves with 15below’s changing needs and goals.


“Mitto’s account management is outstanding. They are responsive, incredibly helpful, always willing to listen and improve, and competitive in pricing. Mitto is a great supplier we enjoy working with,” Karen concluded.