Leveraging data and API-powered networking technology, FIIZY connects businesses and financial institutions in order to deliver superior multi-lender financing solutions to consumers. Founded in 2015, FIIZY provides seamless customer onboarding and real-time access to powerful financial data to help banks and lenders increase conversion rates while boosting basket value for businesses. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, FIIZY proudly serves clients throughout Brazil, Mexico, Poland, and Spain.


Use Cases


  • Customer Notifications
  • Marketing Campaigns




  • WhatsApp API




As a data-driven company, FIIZY continually analyzes its core key performance indicators (KPIs) to better serve clients. Keeping efficiency and superior customer experiences top of mind, FIIZY was on the hunt for a world-class communication service provider.


After partnering with a handful of providers, FIIZY still felt they needed to find a more efficient, customizable, and impactful solution. Thoughtful connection with their customers needed to be consistent and reliable. They went back to the drawing board to find a communications service partner that would better suit their needs.




FIIZY chose Mitto because of our commitment to customer excellence, advanced capabilities, and flexible solutions. In their search for a new provider, FIIZY found Mitto capable of offering the unique messaging solutions required to engage their customers best. FIIZY landed on utilizing Mitto’s SMS and WhatsApp APIs to engage clients proactively and amplify brand awareness through effective marketing campaigns. Mitto’s proprietary AI-powered routing platform guarantees the best deliverability at the best rates, allowing FIIZY to focus its energy on crafting the perfect messages.


Before implementing our solutions, FIIZY decision-makers closely collaborated with Mitto’s customer success team to plot a thoughtful, scalable strategy. Mitto was there alongside FIIZY’s team to address any questions or concerns and ensure a successful onboarding experience. 


Key Results


FIIZY has seen a direct business impact since deploying Mitto’s solutions, including positive effects on its top KPIs, enhanced efficiency, and sustainable quality compared to its prior communication service solutions. Throughout our business partnership, the financial services company has enjoyed unmatched support and an ongoing dedication to developing bespoke solutions from the Mitto team.


“Mitto’s team is unofficially part of our own team, an extended team. They don’t just offer high-quality service and tailored features, but they also ensure that whenever there are any challenges, they will work with us to find the right solutions.” – Andre Promet, Remarketing Manager at FIIZY