Ho ho ho, festive friends! As we gear up for the most wonderful time of the year, let’s take a moment to chat about something that’s just as important as sugar cookies and sleigh bells—omnichannel communication and SMS! After all, even Santa needs a little help staying on top of his list, and so do businesses aiming to spread holiday cheer.

Checking it twice: the omnichannel approach

Now, you might be wondering, «What in the world does Santa’s list have to do with modern communication?» Well, just like Santa sorts through who’s been naughty and nice, businesses need to keep an eye on their omnichannel strategy. It’s all about checking it twice!

Picture this: Santa uses multiple channels to keep tabs on kids worldwide, from letters and email to carrier pigeons. Similarly, successful businesses embrace a variety of channels—social media, chat, and good ol’ SMS—to reach their audience.


Why stellar customer communication is tree-mendously important

Today, nearly $3 of every $4 spent online is made from a mobile device. And just like it takes more than one reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh, holiday shoppers use multiple channels to engage with brands.

As such, customers expect real-time communications and support from businesses across multiple touchpoints. According to Mitto’s recent survey, 70% of respondents demand multiple online shopping contact points. Additionally, 61% of respondents prefer digital customer service interactions over in-person ones, with 94% expecting prompt responses when they contact an online brand.

To meet consumers’ rising demands, businesses must be available across numerous platforms and deliver real-time responses. This is especially true when it comes to delivery delays. About 91% of customers believe a good customer experience makes waiting for a product bearable. Furthermore, 93% of shoppers will be more patient about shipment delays if they associate a brand with superior customer service.

With many customers concerned about whether their packages will arrive on time for Christmas, proactive communication is more essential than ever during the holiday season.

Fast, reliable support across all channels keeps holiday shoppers happy. This boosts customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and retention. In fact, almost 90% of customers will buy from a business again if they receive fantastic customer support.


SMS: the Rudolph of communication channels

Now, let’s talk about SMS—the unsung hero in the omnichannel saga. Like Rudolph guiding Santa’s sleigh through the storm, SMS and its 98% open rate can light up your communication strategy. Here’s why:

  1. Swift and simple: Just like Santa’s quick chimney descent, SMS delivers messages straight to the point. Keep it short, sweet, and effective.
  1. Instant gratification: Kids love seeing their presents under the tree ASAP. Similarly, customers appreciate prompt responses. SMS provides an instant connection for urgent matters.
  1. Personal touch: Ever notice how Santa knows your name and what you want? Personalization is key, and SMS allows businesses to tailor messages for a more intimate touch.


The nice list: best practices for omnichannel success

  1. Consistency is key: Santa doesn’t mix up wish lists, and neither should your messaging. Maintain a consistent tone and style across all channels for a seamless customer experience.
  1. Know your audience: Just like Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good, understand your customers’ preferences, their location, and demographics. Tailor your messages to suit their habits and expectations. When you’re ready to send, Mitto’s Campaign Manager is a great way to begin.
  1. Listen and respond: Santa’s good at listening to Christmas wishes, and so should your business. Actively engage with customers on all channels, especially on chat apps and through SMS, responding promptly to enquiries and feedback. Mitto Conversations is an excellent way to use two-way communication with your customers during the holiday season. 
  1. Automation magic: Santa has his elves to help him out, and you’ve got automation tools. Use them wisely to streamline communication and make the customer journey smoother. 
  1. Embrace the jolly spirit: Finally, just like Santa spreads joy and warmth, inject a bit of that festive spirit into your messages. Whether it’s through emojis or cheerful language, make sure your brand radiates positivity.


As you navigate the world of omnichannel communication and SMS, remember: Santa’s watching, and so are your customers.

Be nice, stay jolly, and communicate like the holiday pros you are. Wishing you all a season filled with successful communication and joyous connections! ✨